Colonel MacGregor Tells Tucker Carlson No One Knows Where These US Weapons are Going

Fake President Joe Biden announced he’ll be sending more and more and more weapons to the Ukraine. He also announced American taxpayers will now be paying the salaries of Ukrainian government officials, because that’s our values and who we are, because of democracy.

Meanwhile, the government is admitting that they have no idea where any of these weapons are going.

There’s no real reason to send them to the doomed frontlines of the Donbass, because those troops are all either going to surrender or die. It would make more sense for the government of the Ukraine – who we are constantly reminded is the most Jewish government in the world outside of Israel – to sell those weapons on the black market.

They could also give them to the fleeing Azov troops, who are headed into Poland and probably Western Europe, to create a “white supremacist terrorist movement.” Most of Azov has left Mariupol, fleeing through civilian aid corridors when the situation was clearly hopeless. Large numbers of them were outside of Mariupol anyway. The fact that they are going to end up as WHITE TERRORISM in Europe is just so obvious it makes you sick.

That is of course exactly what happened with ISIS – Western intelligence went in and trained all of these terrorist forces, then they started blowing up things in the West. Some people claim that was accidental “blowback,” others claim it was on purpose, but it doesn’t really matter. Even if it was just a stupid accident, ongoing terrorism in Europe serves the purposes of the security state and the anti-freedom agenda, as well as just creating a general “state of fear” among the people, which serves social engineering goals.

Are people other than yours truly saying this thing – that after the Ukraine is defeated, there is going to be a neo-Nazi terror army operating in Europe? Well, I’ve heard the total bros at The Grayzone say it (site, YouTube).

Thankfully on Friday, Tucker Carlson had on Colonel Douglas MacGregor to say something similar – we do not know where these weapons are going, and there is a very good chance that these weapons will end up in the “wrong hands.” The Tucker segment (at the top of the page!) was good all around, with MacGregor also hitting on the point that the cynical Western establishment is “fighting to the last Ukrainian” in a war against Russia that doesn’t even have anything to do with the Ukrainian people – but we’ve really been over and over those points, haven’t we? This “where are the weapons actually going tho????” topic is something we haven’t talked enough about.

Breaking down a Howitzer into parts that can easily be shipped in a truck and reassembled elsewhere is not difficult.

Along with the issue of these neo-Nazi terrorists the US and Israel have been training and are now arming to the teeth, there are of course all of these Islamic terrorists that are still in Western Europe, who have been there since 2015, and then continued to flood in after the fall of the “caliphate” in Syria. European intelligence admits that they have no idea how many ISIS fighters are in Europe, but they know it’s a whole lot of them. Arms trafficking from Eastern to Western Europe has been a thing since the fall of the USSR.

As Western Europe begins to slump as a result of the sanctions on the Ukraine, the collapse of the US dollar (the euro is de facto pegged to the dollar), and all of these other chaotic developments, it seems that these no-go zones run by Moslems that exist in every European capital to are going to be exerting much more influence then they have thus far, and they will quite possibly be very well armed. Europeans themselves of course are totally unarmed, due to psycho gun control laws.

In general, most people tend to think that America is going to be worse off than Europe as we continue this slide into civilizational collapse, but I’m not really so sure that’s true. America has many more rural areas to flee to, and Americans are armed. Also, the majority of our immigrants are not Moslems. A lot of the immigrants in America are going to leave the country when the economy becomes no longer beneficial to them, while the Islamic immigrants in Europe are just going to become more aggressive as whites are weaker.

Overall, there appears to be a plan by the governments of the West to create as much chaos as possible – including very serious violence – in order to justify bringing in a new system of government. (Or, at least this is one of the many various justifications.)

Sweden has been experiencing intense rioting for a week now from the Moslems. It was ostensibly kicked off by some guy burning a Koran, but it seems to me that they are beginning to feel in charge.

If we just take the example of Sweden – right now all these people can really do is set cars on fire. They have some guns, but not enough to really do very much.

Is it likely or not likely that they could receive shipments of weapons from the former Ukrainian country of Lvivistan over the next few years?

Well, you can check the map, and see how likely you think that is.

In my view, it seems more likely that this would happen than that it wouldn’t happen.

Swedish cops have already allowed “no-go zones” for at least a decade. It was five years ago now that Tim Pool went to Sweden to visit a “no-go zone” in Malmo, and was escorted out by Swedish cops, who are ordered by the government to prevent whites (and our hapa brethren) from entering these areas.

So these are already fortified complexes inside of Sweden, and the Islamic radicals who run these complexes are clearly not planning on leaving things there. If the Swedish economy is collapsing at the same time that serious weapons are being shipped into these Islamic fortresses inside of Sweden – what happens then?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Stay tuned!