Coincidence Rising: Non-Fat Black Comedian Dies of “Natural Causes” at 54

“Coincidence” has become one of the leading causes of death in countries that forced everyone to take the mRNA vaccine.

No one can understand what is causing the coincidence, but it is not the vaccine. Science has proved that it is definitely not the vaccine.

USA Today:

Comedian and TV creator David A. Arnold died Wednesday from apparent natural causes, his family said. He was 54.

The veteran stand-up comedian was the showrunner of Nickelodeon’s “That Girl Lay Lay” and served as a producer on Netflix sitcom “Fuller House,” the “Full House” reboot. Arnold died “from natural causes” at his home, his family announced in a statement shared with USA TODAY by Arnold’s representative Rob Greenwald.

“It is with great sadness that we confirm the untimely passing of our husband, father, brother and friend,” his family said in the statement. “David passed away peacefully today in his home and doctors have ruled the cause of death due to natural causes. Please keep our family in prayer and respect our privacy at this time as we are all shocked and devastated by this loss.”

Arnold, who made his living performing, acting, producing and writing for TV and film, was just three shows into his four-month Pace Ya Self national comedy tour.

Arnold is survived by his wife Julie, his daughters Anna Grace and Ashlyn Elizabeth, his mother and sisters, and his extended family.

Honestly, you people should be thanking us for pushing this issue so hard, and telling you that the vax would be your ultimate doom.

I can tell you this: there’s not one single person, in September of 2022, who regrets not taking this vaccine. Not one person.

There are a lot of people who regret taking it, and there are a lot of families that have been destroyed by its effects.

But we tried to protect you people, and went hard, and we are 100% vindicated.

You should make a small donation, at least as much as your life is worth. Because basically, without the Daily Stormer, you’d probably be dead.

At least his greatest fear didn’t come true