Coach Red Pill Said to Blame The Daily Beast for His Death

Daily reminder: Coach Red Pill AKA Gonzalo Lira said in no uncertain terms that The Daily Beast would be responsible for his death, as they had written up a hit piece on him and then contacted the Ukrainian security services (SBU) with it and asked them why they haven’t stopped him yet.

Coach has now been missing for almost a week. He was last heard from on April 15.

I think it’s safe to say that theories about him getting pinned down and not being able to access the internet are no longer reasonable. There has been some fighting in Kharkov recently, but he’s been in the midst of on-off conflict for months now and has remained online.

It should be assumed he is dead or captured, and I agree with him that the moral responsibility lies with The Daily Beast.

Here’s the original full video Coach did about The Daily Beast report a month ago when it was released.

The piece was allegedly written by someone called Mark Hay, who is some kind of Brooklyn transplant queer boy.

He hasn’t tweeted since 2018, and hasn’t written anything since publishing the March 20 piece on Coach – despite the fact he’d been covering the “evil white people who support Putin” beat for the Beast.

I have studied these fake news journalists that “cover the far right” and don’t understand how they live if they are “freelance.” They write a maximum of 2-3 attack pieces a month, which they can’t be getting more than a couple hundred dollars for. I guess most of them live on trust funds, like most hipster queerboys in Brooklyn.

It’s a shame “Mark Hay” isn’t on Twitter or any other social media, as it would be interesting to see if he feels it is a “mission accomplished” that Coach is now either dead or in some satanic torture dungeon.

Misquotes of Scott Ritter

There are some out-of-context quotes from Scott Ritter going around that appear to “confirm” that Coach is dead.

Ritter cleared this up on Twitter, saying that though this is what people are assuming happened, he doesn’t have any direct evidence this is what happened.

I don’t know if there is any reason to believe he was killed specifically by Azov. These people do not seem to be very smart, and it would make more sense to send in the SBU.

Coach should have done like Patrick Lancaster and embedded with the Russians. That has its own set of dangers, obviously, and Patrick risks his life every day, but at least if you get killed in that context, it’s not a mystery and you don’t have to worry about being captured and sent to some satanic torture dungeon.

Azov is a Satanic Group

You people might not understand this yet, but Azov is the same thing as Atomwaffen – a CIA ISIS-type group that is based on “neo-Nazism” instead of radical Islam – and we’ve studied Atomwaffen extensively. It is a satanic group that pretends to be right-wing in order to promote death and destruction. They believe in torture and human sacrifice in order to get power from demonic entities. I read most of their novel, Iron Gates. This is as spooky as it gets. They want to cause a nuclear war so they can bring forth demonic entities to eat babies.

Atomwaffen was sent to train with Azov, repeatedly. As we wrote about here extensively over the years, the Jewish congressperson Max Rose was attempting for years to classify all American right-wingers as “international terrorist groups” based on the fact that there were so many documented links between Atomwaffen and Azov. I’m sure he supports Azov now, but for years he was claiming that the Ukraine had become a base for American right-wing terrorists to train to come back to America to commit terrorist acts.

ProPublica also documented links between Azov and Atomwaffen.

What’s more, Atomwaffen was shown to be led by someone from the CIA, Rinaldo Nazzaro, who had an active CAGE code for intelligence contracting. He was allegedly living in Russia in 2019.

What’s more, Russia has accused Azov of being a satanic group for years now. And we have video of ritual satanic altars being found by DPR soldiers in Azov territory.

Azov is for sure a satanic group, not descended from Bandera or Nazism.

Also, Bandera himself was not even a real Nazi. He was jailed by the Nazis because he was a psycho, and only let out towards the end of the war, at which point he started organizing the slaughter of Poles, rather than Jews or Russians.

Along with evidence of satanism among Azov, we know that they are slaughtering their own civilians on a mass scale, something we’ve never seen any military do. This only makes sense in terms of satanism, and the belief that they get powers from the demonic realm by killing random innocents.

Various forms of Atomwaffen have been started up across the world by Western intelligence, always using the same cringe art in their propaganda – and always with the skull masks.

Azov is just one particularly well-funded and well-trained branch of this international intelligence-funded “white ISIS.”

It’s safe to assume that just like the CIA created ISIS and then used them to attack the West, they are going to fly a number of these Azov agents out and use them to train their other cells in various European countries in order to create a “white terrorism” threat.