Coach Red Pill Lives! Appears on Stream! Says He was Picked Up and Detained for a Week!

Coach Red Pill, also known as Gonzalo Lira, has appeared on a 4-minute livestream early Friday morning (it would have been afternoon in the Ukraine) with “The Duran” (don’t know who that is).

He said the date and said that he is physically fine but rattled, after having been picked up by the SBU and detained for a week.

He said that his computers and phones were confiscated, and he was told he is not allowed to leave the city of Kharkiv.

I had never closely followed Coach in previous times. I had seen a few of his videos on women, and basically agreed for the most part, but not really found them especially profound, or interesting enough to watch more of. I am aware that he’s been involved in a lot of various internet drama, and that a lot of people hate him and accuse him of things.

Therefore, I’m sure a lot of people are going to say that he faked being kidnapped by the SBU (Ukraine’s successor to the KGB) in order to drum up publicity around himself. I’m not going to say that is not possible. It’s probably impossible for him to release evidence showing that this kidnapping actually happened.

However, it is also very likely that exactly what he said happened did happen – the SBU picked him up, questioned him, detained him, then saw the amount of drama surrounding his disappearance, and decided to release him rather than announce that they’d arrested him as a security threat.

Apparently, Coach has a US passport. I was not aware of that. Maybe they were not aware of that when they nabbed him. But having a US passport is a relevant detail.

I will also say: the SBU is now a fully Jewish organization – Zelensky banned all non-Jews for fear they were Russian agents – and is in constant contact with Western intelligence agencies. Normally, if you were taken into custody by the cops in any country (even the Ukraine), you would be given some kind of paperwork. However, Western intelligence would know of Coach’s drama-linked reputation, and know that there would be a lot of people online ready to accuse him of faking this, and tell the SBU to just drop him off without any paperwork.

So, I don’t think the fact that he doesn’t have proof this happened is proof it didn’t happen. But obviously, he could have faked it. You can’t prove that didn’t happen either.

Deep Fake?

It is actually possible that this is a deep fake. I mean, it is technically possible. The video is not super high quality, there are endless hours of footage of Coach Red Pill talking, so it is not outside of technical capacity at this point in time for this to be completely fake.

However, I seriously doubt that is the case. I only mention it because I know other people will be saying it. But I very much do not think so.

The really concerning fact is that it could be a deep fake and we would have no way of knowing. So it is good to ask.

But it is much more likely in this case that either he faked this or he is telling the truth and he was detained and let go.