CNN on the High Cost of Having Babies

I saw this:

And I thought it would be telling heterosexuals that it is too expensive to have children. I was going to write about that – these Jews in the media continuing to tell us how expensive it is to have children.

I was going to say: “how much does it cost for these people to have children?” and show pictures like this:

The claim that children are super expensive is just a total hoax. Everyone with no money is having children while people from the middle class and even the upper-middle class are talking about how children are too expensive.

It’s a massive hoax to stop white people from breeding, which has been promoted by the media for years. They started by claiming that “teen pregnancy” is bad while aggressively subsidizing black teen pregnancy.

Instead, what I found was that this CNN podcast is about homosexuals having unnatural children. They are encouraging homosexuals to have children.

This is what everything is: they denounce everything good (i.e., normal people having normal children) as bad, and promote everything evil (i.e., homosexuals having children) as good.

It is virtually impossible to find a single thing that is good that the government/media promotes. This goes down to the very most basic things. They’re now actively telling people going to the gym is bad because it makes you turn right-wing, while claiming that being fat is healthy.

Seriously: it is at the point where even with the most basic things, you just have to assume the media is inverting good and evil.

Back at the beginning of the Ukraine War hoax, there were people on right-wing internet sites promoting that the Ukraine was good. I said: “whenever you find yourself agreeing with the media (and the State Department), you need to reevaluate your views.”

People will say, “oh well, what about Islamic terrorism???” Well, the State Department funded ISIS, then Hillary Clinton campaigned on shooting down Russian jets over Syria to protect ISIS. They did technically say ISIS was bad, but then they were openly funding and supporting ISIS by claiming that they were funding and supporting “moderate terrorists.”

They just always lie about everything, always, no matter what.