CNN Doctor Guy Calls for Monkeypox Forced Vax

Jonathan Reiner is a CNN medical analyst. He is also visibly Jewish (coincidentally).

On Monday, he publicly called for forced vaccination for monkeypox, saying, “we should think about vaccinating all returning college students for Monkeypox.”

Notice that he doesn’t say we should require it. He just says we should vax them. There is no suggestion that these students will have any choice in the matter, or that they have any free will or agency of their own at all. The goyim are to be acted upon.

Meanwhile, China ruled recently that a municipality requiring people to get a coronavirus vaccine in order to enter public places (like schools) is illegal, because coercive vaccination is illegal.

You can go into the question of why China is going along with coronavirus at all, and there are various theories on that which can explain how it benefits them. But you can’t argue that China doesn’t have more freedom than America.

So then you have to ask: why is America saying they’re going to start a war with China to bring them freedom? How can a country with less freedom bring freedom to a country with more freedom?

The only explanation is that China doesn’t have gay sex parades, and when the US says “we’re going to bring them freedom,” they are using the word “freedom” to mean “gay sex parades.”

That also ties back to monkeypox. Insofar as people are actually getting this disease, these people are homosexual. I can’t tell exactly what is going on, but “homosexual gets sores” is not really breaking news, and I’m critical of the idea there even is a virus, and these are not just standard homosexual lesions being renamed for a virus. Whatever the case, the US government is now claiming that the entirety of society must be sanctioned for the purpose of regulating the homosexual “community.”

Perhaps you can begin to see a relationship between the natural order of things and personal liberty?

We are noticing in general that the move away from the natural order is resulting in a consistent limiting of our freedoms. The more unnatural a society is, the more it needs to be regulated in order for it to function properly.

I still think monkeypox is a red herring and coronavirus is coming back in force. I don’t really think you can get people to go along with the idea that the entire population needs to be vaccinated against an alleged virus that only affects homosexuals. But they will still throw these sorts of things at you, just to see how you react.