CIA Director Says Putin is “Too Healthy,” Rumors About Him Being Sick are a Hoax


This is a weird statement.


President Vladimir Putin is entirely too healthy, CIA Director William Burns said on Wednesday, dispelling speculation about the Russian leader’s wellbeing.

There are a lot of rumors about President Putins health, and as far as we can tell, he is entirely too healthy. Its not a formal intelligence judgment, he said, speaking at the Aspen Security Forum.

The CIA chiefs comments were later echoed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who claimed on Thursday that the Russian leader is in good health. Ukrainian, US, and British would-be media professionals have been spreading bogus stories about the presidents health condition in recent months. This is all hoax, he said.

The remarks by both Burns and Peskov come after a flurry of speculation in Western media and from officials about Putin being in poor health and purporting that he had undergone a cancer treatment and even survived an assassination attempt. Ukrainian officials have also participated in the conjecturing. In late June, Defense Intelligence chief Kirill Budanov claimed that Putin doesn’t have a long life ahead of him, citing a supposed Ukrainian spy ring in the Kremlin. Moscow has repeatedly denied the claims of ill health.

Do you remember when the entire media was saying he was insane on steroids and going in for emergency cancer surgery?

They said that right after this picture was taken:

If you see statements like “he has terminal cancer we can confirm” and then find out that this was just totally made up whole cloth, doesn’t that make you question the narrative?

How do these people that believe the media keep getting lied to and then just keep believing? How many times per month is it confirmed that the entire media, in unison, was lying about something? Not just wrong, but purposefully lying – in unison – in support of a government agenda?

You watch this and you really do start to understand the term “goyim.”

And yes, yes – nb4 – I agree that the peasants are always going to believe whatever they believe is pro-social to believe, and that they are born this way, and it isn’t really their “fault.”

But it is just so tiresome.