Christ is Risen.

Happy Easter, everyone.

I hope you are all able to spend time with your families, eat good food, and enjoy yourselves. I hope there are children and old people and peaceful weather.

If you are not able to experience that, however, then maybe you can take even more solace in the meaning of this day.

Today, we celebrate Jesus Christ overcoming death. As with everything in our religion, there are layers of meaning to this story. The most straightforward meaning of the story of Easter is that through Jesus Christ, we are each individually able to overcome death, to live on past the limits of this mortal coil.

God made flesh died so that we do not have to die if we choose to live through Him, and strive to become like Him. This is the simplest message of the Christian faith, which resonated with the peoples of Europe, and brought us together. It is the first thing each of us must understand before we understand anything further: through the spirit of Christ, we can each overcome death. Without the spirit of Christ, we are already dead.

When you truly understand this, you lose the fear of death, and that is the beginning of life. Anyone who lives with the fear of death will never truly live. Once the fear or death is overcome, we are free to act in accordance with our conscience, without fear of consequence. This is the only way to truly be free.

From that point, the meaning of Christ’s triumph over death goes into deeper levels of meaning.

Christ was the Word made flesh, he was the embodiment of Truth itself. His resurrection means that on this earth, truth will always eventually win out over lies. The truth cannot be killed, always it will overcome.

The hellscape of modern Western “civilization” is defined by lies. It is run by Jews, whom Christ identified as the children of Satan, who are only capable of lying. The lies have reached such amazing heights now that one can basically turn on the television, and get the truth by ascertaining the opposite of whatever is being said by these Jews.

Throughout my life, I have watched a process unfold of lies being built on top of other lies. There has been a quickening of this process over the last few years, as what normal people believe is so opposed to truth that we are approaching a kind of singularity of unreality.

Our first duty as followers of Christ is to seek the truth and to speak the truth. I do not believe there is any virtue which brings mortal men closer to the spirit of God than the act of telling the truth. The power that the truth has increases with the absurdity of the lies, to the point where now, the Jews are attempting to ban any statement that is true from being uttered by anyone in the Western world.

This was only ever possible because the people surrendered to the lies. People allowed themselves to believe the lies, they took comfort in the lies, and thereby they were separated from the spirit of God, and made capable of believing any lie.

Lies had already crept into the Christian church when I was a boy in the 1990s. The most heinous lie is and always will be that the murderers of Christ are beloved by God – that the Jews are “God’s chosen people.” Once Christians in America accepted something so vile and blasphemous, it was only a matter of time before children were being indoctrinated into transsexualism in school in a formerly Christian country.

Before this lie, the people accepted lies about women – the lie that a woman has some other role in society than as a mother, which the entire Bible and of course our entire experience disproves. They also accepted the lie of racial egalitarianism, of multiculturalism and globalism, of utopianism, a lie exposed in the story of the Tower of Babel. A lie that we can see with our own eyes does not lead to any positive outcome.

Accepting the lie of feminism destroyed the family, accepting the lie of multiculturalism unraveled the cohesion of society, and this opened up the way for nihilism, where truth itself has no bearing on personal experience. If you are not connected to a family, not connected to a community or a nation, then truth does not have any value to you, and you will seek only comfort. For a person untethered and uprooted from meaningful human connections, the flame of truth burns their skin, as it shows the emptiness of their existence.

Such a person begins to love lies, and therefore you have the worship of the Jews, who are the lie made flesh in the same sense that Christ is the truth made flesh. False Christians worship Jews in a literal sense, praising this demonic race of parasites as “God’s chosen,” while secularized members of what was once Christendom worship the Jews as their intellectual betters, their pseudo-spiritual guides.

The Church is intended to be the body of Christ. That means that we are connected as people, individuals who are part of a whole, beginning with the family, and working outward to community and nation. This world of lies alienates us as isolated individuals.

It is only through the truth that any of us will individually be made whole again, and it is only through the truth that our societies will be made whole again.

Along with being a message of personal salvation through the Holy Spirit, the Easter story tells us that in the end, the truth cannot be killed by the Jews. No matter how bad things get, we remain on a path towards resurrection and life.

This is true.

God is in control.

The Jews murdered God, but He rose again, and such is always the case of truth.

The only thing that each of us can do is tell the truth, to commit ourselves to the truth, to refuse to ever accept lies over truth. We will each be saved for doing so, and those who choose not to will fall away. The wheat will be separated from the chaff.

We will all live to see this world redeemed, either in this life or the next. Things are always darkest before the dawn.

Imagine the followers of Christ, knowing that the Jews were seeking to murder Christ. They fled them. But things became increasingly dark as the Jews pursued. Then, the Jews were able to capture Christ, and to put Him on the Cross, to kill Him. Imagine the darkness that the apostles and Mary and all of the other followers of Christ experienced in those days between the death and resurrection of Christ.

I think we are in that phase now. Truly. We are arriving at the darkest possible point, where truth is all but gone, everywhere we look. This tells me that the resurrection must be near.

Our duty is to keep the faith, to keep the light of truth burning in this darkness, as we await the return of truth and righteousness.

The God who created us from clay has promised us that this darkness will not last forever.

Take heed.

Pray, do not fear, and tell the truth.

Take joy in the fact that you know the truth, and that even in this time of greatest darkness, you carry with you a candle to light your path. Be at peace in the knowledge that God is in control and the truth will triumph.

Do this every day.

That is all that is asked of any of us.

Christ is Risen.