Chris Rock Sexually Involved with Used Up Old Jew

I was pretty bullish on Chris Rock after he shit talked the cuck Will Smith’s bald wife and then didn’t break frame when puss Smith puss slapped him.

Now he’s being seduced by an ugly old Jew bitch.

New York Times:

Chris Rock and Lake Bell are adding more fuel to those romance rumors.

In exclusive pics obtained by Page Six, the pair were spotted leaving a dinner date at celebrity hot spot Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, Calif., Saturday night.

The comedian, 57, wore a white sweater with matching white pants, which he accessorized with brown dress shoes and aviator sunglasses tucked into his shirt.

Bell, 43, opted for an all-black ensemble, featuring a wrap top with a plunging neckline and black jeans.

We’re told the duo arrived around 8:45 p.m. and dined for almost two hours. According to an eyewitness, Rock and Bell were holding hands as they walked out of the upscale Italian restaurant, but immediately let go of each other when they saw the photographers.

Reps for Rock and Bell did not immediately respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

I’m not going to go into some rant about “race mixing.”

Firstly, most right-wingers who talk about race mixing are just cuckolded losers. Every narrative I see from the right about race-mixing is about how blacks seduce innocent white princesses.

That doesn’t happen in real life – sorry. Even rich blacks prefer black women. What happens with BMWF race mixing is that white women target and seduce black men.

This Chris Rock situation isn’t a white women – it is a Jew – but it is the same thing. It is a targeted seduction of a useful goyim male. Probably a useful goyim male who is maybe going a bit off the reservation.

You’ve all seen the clips.

Chris Rock should be dating a 17-year-old black bitch.

Wait. Sorry.

I mean, an 18-year-old black bitch.

What does he need with a 43-year-old Jew?

She’s done a mind game on him.

He needs to back out. He needs to reevaluate. This is not the true path for a Based Black Guy.

I will say – Bell was on Children’s Hospital, which was funny.

It was basically a Jewish show, but it was funny.

Chris, if you’re reading this, find the youngest hottest bitch with the biggest ass from a trap video. Check her ID so you don’t get R. Kelly’d. You don’t need a famous bitch. You get nothing from that. Have some kids with a young bitch with a fat ass.

Slap faggots.

Don’t do any more Saw movies, that’s retarded.

Make something funny. You’re a funny nigga.

Keep it real.