China to Expand Accessibility of Digital Yuan (This is the Way)

We’re keeping tabs on this.


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has called for efforts to facilitate interconnectivity between the digital yuan currency system and traditional e-payment tools with the aim of making use of the digital currency more convenient, the news agency Xinhua reported on Friday.

To realize that goal, more efforts should be applied to expand the scenarios and environment in which the digital yuan can be used, deputy governor of the PBOC Fan Yifei was cited as saying at a recent forum on digital finance in Beijing.

Fan specified that regulations and standards in areas such as digital identities, Bluetooth, and QR codes should be unified to improve the interconnectivity of various types of payment tools. He also emphasized the need to improve the security of digital yuan use by upgrading relevant technologies to avoid user-information leaks and eliminate data security risks.

Yes. It needs to be a stable and secure cryptocurrency capable of being scaled globally.

I’ve said it and it’s obvious: China is planning to use the digital yuan as a standard for international trade. It’s going to be used in countries where their currency collapses as a result of the US dollar being inflated.

Soon, you’re going to witness a domino effect of collapsing currencies. We’ve already seen this in Turkey and Argentina.

The counterintuitive thing is that these currencies collapsing actually boosts the dollar because the dollar is still the most stable currency as it is the currency around which all of these others are based. When the currency collapses in a country, people try to get dollars.

However, the more currencies that collapse, the closer we are to a dollar collapse. China is fixated on avoiding war by any means necessary – they won’t even invade Taiwan. They want to unseat the nuisance empire through economics. Making the yuan into an international currency, which maintains a stable value, would serve that role, and it would also pull China out from the shadow of the dollar. (Right now, China still has an economy based around the dollar – it’s complicated, but they have reasons to not want the dollar to immediately collapse, which is the main leverage that the Brandon War Machine has over them.)

Third world people are actually much more technologically advanced than Americans in a lot of ways. Right now, most third worlders use phone apps to pay for common items. China has had this for almost a decade – they have a QR code you scan with your phone. Many shops don’t even take cash at all anymore.

If you’re used to scanning QR codes with your phone, using a digital currency is very easy, and everyone would adapt to using the Chinese digital currency without thinking much about it if their local currency was collapsing.

Frankly, rushing this digital yuan out, getting hundreds of millions of Chinese to use it, and then exporting it to China-friendly nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America should be their number one priority as a country.

I support the hawks in Beijing who want to invade Taiwan, but that really doesn’t accomplish very much unless it also leads to an economic collapse of the United States. If the economic collapse of the United States were to come before the invasion of Taiwan, then the invasion of Taiwan would be no issue. Also, at that point, Russia could just start invading all of Eastern Europe and solving those problems.

All hell on earth is dependent on the US remaining dominant through the global financial system. In that hell, I include at the top the hell that the American people are being put through by our government. When the dollar collapses, they simply will not have the money to oppress us on anything like the current scale. In fact, they will have to do a VAT, and will barely be able to maintain order. Finally, some dictator will take over and fix things.

Don’t worry. It’s just going to look like the collapse of the USSR, except with diversity.

There is a way we can avoid WWIII. We basically just have to put it off for a little while. Some people at the State Department are trying to rush it, but even Mark Milley, who is a total whackjob, has come out and told the Bidens to slow down because the military doesn’t have the “readiness” to fight a real war.

If we can put it off for just 4-5 years, I think we’ll be in the clear, and the economic situation will make it impossible for the US to fight a war.

That said: I’m not really against a nuclear war in which every city in America gets obliterated.

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