China Responds to US Anti-China Tech Bill – “Paranoid Delusion”

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The US was very happy to turn all of our tech over to the Chinese. Then it turned out that the Chinese don’t have any interest in becoming a part of a global anal empire.

The US is now attempting to cancel the deal, despite the fact the deal is done.

So much for free markets!


Beijing has accused Washington of exhibiting “paranoid delusion” and “Cold War mentality,” after the US Senate passed a new bill aimed at bolstering the position of American tech in competing with China.

The foreign affairs committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s parliament, blasted the new US legislation on Wednesday, accusing Washington of seeking to undermine the country’s “legitimate right to development through technology and economic decoupling.”

The legislation is “full of Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice,” and the Chinese parliament is voicing “strong indignation and resolute opposition” to it, the committee said in a statement carried by China’s state media.

“The bill shows that the paranoid delusion of egoism has distorted the original intention of innovation and competition.”

The new legislation, officially known as the US Innovation and Competition Act, was passed by the Senate on Tuesday. The bill, which has become one of the largest industrial bills in the US history, received broad bipartisan support, getting passed 68-31. After scoring the Senate’s approval, the bill is now heading into the House of Representatives.

The bill authorizes around $190 billion to strengthen US technology and research, as well as some $54 billion to increase production and research into semiconductors and other telecommunications equipment.

“If we do nothing, our days as the dominant superpower may be ending. We don’t mean to let those days end on our watch. We don’t mean to see America become a middling nation in this century,” one of the co-sponsors of the legislation, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, stated.

Apart from giving a big boost to American research and development, the legislation also contains a wide range of explicit anti-China provisions. Namely, it bans the downloading of Chinese social media app TikTok on government-issued devices, as well as blocking the procurement of drones manufactured by companies linked to the Chinese government.

Unfortunately, the US simply does not have the capacity to compete with China in much of anything. The US government and all of the institutions have made the decision to attack and destroy the creative population of America by blaming them for slavery and the Holocaust and so on, and claiming that they must pay the price by being race replaced.

The government can pretend that it is possible for all of the white workers in tech to be replaced with blacks and for America to continue to be competitive with China. But obviously that isn’t true – if it was true, the US wouldn’t have to pass legislation to attack the Chinese tech industry.

We are just now seeing the full-on lunacy of the anti-white agenda manifesting in American companies, where the white creative staff is now under direct assault by race indoctrination.

Here’s an example from Lockheed Martin.

However, the problem goes back much further than this.

I am a millennial, and grew up in a Midwestern suburb around a lot of smart lads. However, most of these lads ended up either dead of a drug overdose, soul-crushed by a war with Moslems, or completely ruined by a woman. These people could have been creative and productive, but they weren’t, because our society doesn’t care about white men.

Through a system of feminism, the entire millennial generation was sacrificed in the West. Very few normal white men made it through unscathed, and if they did make it through unscathed, they still have some useless degree that they have student loans on, and no real skills. The only successful millennials went into finance.


It obviously didn’t have to be this way – the United States could have harvested our intellectual resources, our general human resources, and put people to work in real industries. But a productive society is not compatible with feminism. If you want men to be productive, you have to allow them to marry and form families, and it was decided before I was born that this wouldn’t be allowed for my generation.

Virtually everyone working in the various productive industries in America is over the age of 40. New generations of men are not coming up and getting involved. We have more or less no creativity at all. And I’ll tell you, whatever creatives are in the young generation are not watching that Lockheed Martin brainwashing video and saying “what a great and exciting place to work.” And of course, that same thing is happening at virtually every company.

Do you see what is happening now, where businesses can’t even find employees because no one wants to work? That is the result of feminism. If you remove the ability of men to form families, you remove the incentive to work. Men work to get women, and that turns into a family, and they then work to take care of their kids. Without that, there is no drive.

The bottom line is: you can’t destroy your society on purpose and then expect to compete with a country which has not destroyed its society on purpose.

The US can pass bills to try to cripple China’s competitiveness on the global market, but that is not a long-term strategy. The long-term strategy appears to be to import Indians to work in America’s creative industries. But you have to then ask: if Indians were capable of competing with the Chinese, why wouldn’t they just do it in India?

Of course, Indians are not capable of competing with the Chinese, and the American plan to replace their professional class with Indians is idiotic. Furthermore, Indian women are going to get involved in the American sex culture, and these Indian men will give up like white men have given up.

There is no path that doesn’t lead to a China World Order.

Sino-Friendship is inevitable.