China Moves to Remove Symbols of Islam from Mosques in the Country

No one is saying why it is that China should be forced to tolerate Islam.

It seems to just be taken for granted that everyone on earth should be subjected to the whims of this destructive religion.

I guess that China didn’t put all the Moslems in camps, as the media claims. They’ve still got mosques everywhere.


China is removing domes and other decorative elements from mosques across the country.

The move is part of a cultural whitewash to suppress the influence of Islam, according to a report in The Telegraph.
The Nanguan Mosque in Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia province, has had its bright green domes and golden minarets removed.

Images shared online by Christina Scott, the UK’s deputy head of mission in China, show that the mosque has been stripped of its colour and decorations.

The words ‘Nanguan Mosque’ remain on the building, written in Chinese.

Ms Scott wrote alongside the photos: ‘TripAdvisor suggested the Nanguan Mosque in Yinchuan well worth a visit.

‘Only this is what it looks now, after ‘renovations.’ Domes, minarets, all gone. No visitors allowed either, of course. So depressing.’

A similar axing of Arab-style domes and elements from mosques is being seen in Linxia, a city known as ‘Little Mecca’ in the neighbouring Gansu province.

The measures come as state campaigns against religion have escalated since Xi Jinping became General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

China’s ruling Communist Party has carried out a widespread clampdown on all religious institutions in recent years.

Personally, I salute China for refusing to bow to international pressure and keeping China Chinese.

Moslems have their own countries that they should go live in. Yes, I understand that these Moslems have been in Western China for a long time, but it’s Chinese land, and they are not really Chinese people. They should adopt the mainstream culture, or they should leave the country.

China doesn’t have any obligation beyond taking care if its own people. They certainly do not have an obligation to pander to Moslems, homosexuals, Antifa or any of the other groups that Mike Pompeo is demanding that they pander to.

When Trump wins, I truly hope that he gets control of his government and can replace Pompeo with someone who truly believes in putting America First instead of working to force the whole world to become gay Moslems.

This agenda that Pompeo has is the opposite of the Trump agenda. It is people like Ben Sasse – the direct enemy of Trump – that are going on and on about how our top priority as a nation should be forcing the Chinese to have gay anal Islamic sex.