China Arrests American Spy Smuggling Weapons Into Hong Kong

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2019

More oppression of innocent American intelligence agents by the COMMUNIST Chinese.

It’s even worse than Steve Bannon predicted.

New York Times:

Authorities in southern China have detained an American pilot who works for FedEx, the latest in a series of difficulties for American travelers and companies in China.

The authorities seized the pilot on Sept. 12 in the city of Guangzhou after they found 681 air-gun pellets in his luggage, China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday. The pilot was trying to take a commercial flight to nearby Hong Kong, a day after flying an air freighter into FedEx’s huge hub in Guangzhou.

The pilot has been released on bail but remains in China under investigation for weapons smuggling, said Geng Shuang, the ministry’s spokesman, at a regular daily news briefing. Under Chinese regulations, a person released on bail typically has little ability to move around and must remain at a local hotel or residence until officials have completed an investigation.

In a statement, FedEx said authorities had found an object in its pilot’s luggage, though it did not specify what the object was.

“We are working with the appropriate authorities to gain a better understanding of the facts,” the company said in a statement, declining to comment further.

The Wall Street Journal, which reported the detention on Thursday, said the pilot was a United States Air Force veteran named Todd A. Hohn who lives in Hong Kong but was being kept at a Guangzhou-area hotel.

Air Force intelligence posing as a FedEx employee to smuggle weapons into Hong Kong?

Clearly, a Chinese conspiracy theory. The United States military is too moral to ever do anything like this.

They are the people who brought democracy to Iraq for crying out loud.

Give ’em some credit.

The global beacon of freedom and democracy, a light unto nations, Tikkun Olam.

Mike Pompeo is running this show, and the man is literally like some kind of Biblical saint, such is his commitment to goodness and morality.

This is a man so pure in his convictions that he’s willing to send tens of thousands of Americans to die in a war against Iran in order to protect the human rights of Saudi Arabian oil fields.

And you dare question his commitment to justice?