CBS Releases “Arming Ukraine” Documentary Claiming Only 30% of US Weapons Arrive at Their Destination

I’m not really sure how to explain this, but CBS News has released a documentary which appears to have been based on Daily Stormer articles. The documentary is out somewhere, and I haven’t watched it, but the preview they have up on Twitter starts out talking about how no one knows where any of these weapons are going.

They don’t name the people interviewed, but one woman says that there is no mechanism to track where these weapons are going.

Another man says that it is only 30% of the weapons that are arriving at their destination.

Then, some guy with a British (or Australian?) accent says that he “doesn’t care at all” if the weapons are going into the “wrong hands.”

They then interview people saying that the European people were promised that the EU project meant an end to violent conflict, and now the EU is telling their people that the purpose of the EU is a world war against Russia.

I have no idea what it means that the mainstream media is doing documentaries criticizing this war. It probably must mean something. It couldn’t have been produced and then released by accident.

Remember that the context here is nonstop rah-rahing for the war, throughout every level of the Western media, with anyone who questions it being accused of not being patriotic for the Ukraine, and therefore a threat to democracy.

I am going to try to figure out how to watch this documentary. It looks like they want you to pay for it. But it is a pretty big deal to put forward the idea that 70% of the weapons the US is sending are disappearing without a trace. Obviously, the majority of those weapons are going to be sold by Ukrainian officials – but who are they selling them to?

We’ve seen unconfirmed ads online where people are selling various weapons to terrorists in the Middle East, though those appear to be individuals posting these ads. If Ukrainian government officials were selling these weapons in bulk to various terrorist groups, they would not be doing so through ads on the internet.

All in all, there is effectively a zero chance that these weapons won’t at some point be used for terrorism inside of Europe. You can’t just have billions of dollars’ worth of weapons disappear into thin air and expect that they will never be used. Someone is planning on using them or they wouldn’t be buying them.

It’s very rare for the mainstream media to go against a narrative. You’re not going to see a CBS documentary examining the evidence that Sandy Hook is a hoax put on by crisis actors.

The basic implication here is that the US both started and lost this war due to total mismanagement, and that the media is preparing to blame this all on Joe Biden. I think that’s where we’re headed. All of this super stupid stuff – which is eventually going to be extremely unpopular – is going to get blamed on Joe Biden. Then, in the lead up to the 2024 election, there will be some kind of transformation of the party, where they run a new candidate who blames everything on Biden and vows to fix it all.

The CBS preview starts with a quote from Joe Biden, which sets the tone for “Joe’s stupid war.”

We’ve seen other signs that the Ukraine is getting thrown under the bus. The United Nations and Amnesty International are now both openly accusing the Ukraine of being involved in serious war crimes, particularly with relation to the systematic use of human shields as a core strategic doctrine.

Then you have the US pivoting to China, with the clear purpose of getting the Ukraine out of the headlines.

It doesn’t take much to read between the lines here: the US has lost this war, and now they have to pivot away from it. But people aren’t just going to forget that it happened, so someone is going to have to be thrown under the bus. Joe Biden is completely worthless to everyone, and has been an utter disaster primarily for the Democrats who put all their weight behind this senile old coot, without ever explaining what the goal of a senile president was. But they can just as easily say they didn’t know what was going on, that Biden and his people came in with force and took over.

It’s pretty obvious that the war with China is not going to go any better than the war with Russia, even if they do think they scored a “win” with the Pelosi landing. But if that fails, it’s just another thing they can throw Joe under the bus over.

What this implies in the long-run is that the US is going to have to move away from ongoing geopolitical fiascos, and turn inward. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, as the entire goal of the US since at least the end of World War II has been global domination. There is also the problem that backing off of the world stage after all of these continual humiliations is going to mean that the dollar will be unseated as the global reserve currency, which will mean that the US will no longer be able to keep up the same kind of control at home, because they just won’t have the money for all of these projects.

Of course, the entire world order is based around the dollar as reserve currency, and even these countries pushing back against that – China, India, Saudi Arabia, and so on – have a lot to lose if the dollar falls. Over the last few months, they’ve kind of said “okay, well – we’re just going to take the hit because we don’t have any choice.” Maybe if the US withdrew from the global stage, they would move slower in their plan to unseat the dollar. If I was a Democrat looking forward to 2024, that’s what I’d be hoping for: that there is a way to pull back from the world stage with a kind of “haha, sorry about that, guys. Ahaha, no hard feelings…” and then continue to hold a serious position in the world economy without being a vicious bully.

That said, I don’t really think these people are smart enough to pull any of that off, even if they do have a vague plan to do so.

It will be interesting to watch.