Caribbean Regional Court Orders Tiny Nation Island to Decriminalize Hardcore Man-on-Man Anal

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There are only two types of people in the world who know that Saint Kitts and Nevis exists: the ones who live there, and the Jews who want to make everyone there do non-stop anal pounding and extreme rimjobs.


A Caribbean regional court has ruled that a Saint Kitts and Nevis prohibition on gay sex is unconstitutional because it violates the right to privacy, striking down one of a handful of bans on same-sex intercourse that still exist in the region.

The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court ruled against two portions of the Offences Against the Person Act, adopted in the dual-island nation in 1873, which called for up to ten years imprisonment for having or attempting to have gay sex.

The law’s statutes criminalising gay sex are inconsistent with the constitution “and, as such, (are) null and void and of no force and effect,” wrote High Court Judge Trevor M. Ward in a decision dated Aug. 29.

Trevor “Stick It Straight in My Ass” Ward, lover of all things anal

The suit was brought by Jamal Jeffers, a gay man from the Caribbean nation, and a non-profit organisation called Saint Kitts and Nevis Alliance for Equality.

The country’s attorney general, the defendant in the lawsuit, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I guarantee you can find Jews behind the NGO funding this. It’s probably George Soros himself.