Cardi B is Actually Funny

Update: Warning: This article is garbage (not funny, overuse of “literally” even by my standards, repetitiveness) – only funny part is those Hillary gifs down there – please disregard

Warning: Sensitive Language – Adult Themes – Adult Audiences Reccomended – Child Readers Please Seek Parental Guidance in This Topic of Black Hookers Getting Hard Fucks for Their Wet Pussies

This is the dictionary definition of feminism, and it’s great to see Hillary Clinton finally admitting that

Cardi B has been in the news lately, because Hillary Clinton and her whore daughter invited the infamous black hooker to talk on their show about how she likes to “get fucked hard in her wet pussy.”

Okay, wait – that is Megan Thee Stallion, who is the other black hooker in that song. Anyway, the interview was about the Cardi B song, where they dance around like hookers and talk about getting a “hard fuck” for their “wet ass pussy.” The song is called “WAP,” which means “wet ass pussy.”

Here’s that video, with the lyrics:

“Wet ass pussy – beat it up, nigger, catch a charge – extra large and extra hard – put this pussy right in your face – swipe your nose like a credit card.”

Hillary Clinton loves this song, and promotes it to young girls.

She literally says “I learned about you listening to the song WAP,” then says that the song teaches female empowerment.

God only knows why she thought this was appropriate.

What does it even mean that this “teaches empowerment”? Empowered to get a hard fuck? I thought women wanted rights because they were claiming they were getting fucked too hard?

It’s just really gross to talk about this, frankly. But Hillary is making it a center of our attention.

Regardless: Cardi B is funny. She is literally a ghetto nappy-ass hoe who fights strippers in clubs.

New York Post:

Cardi B pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges Thursday — admitting she paid a friend $5,000 to beat up a woman who worked at a Queens strip club in 2018.

Dressed to the nines in a fitted cream-colored dress, the Bronx-raised “WAP” rapper copped to assault in the third degree and reckless endangerment in the second degree as part of a deal that allowed her to skirt jail time.

“I feel like I look good,” Cardi said when asked how she felt upon leaving the courthouse.

The 29-year-old hip-hop star was placed on a three-year order of protection and sentenced to 15 days’ community service over a brawl in which she hurled a hookah at two bartender sisters and ordered a pal to attack one of them for supposedly sleeping with her husband.

Asked by Queens Supreme Court Justice Michelle Johnson if she understood the terms of her plea agreement, the rapper answered “Yes” in a quiet voice.

Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, also admitted to striking the bartender, pulling her hair and slamming her head into the bar during the attack in August 2018.

You gotta admit – that’s pretty funny.

Look at what she was wearing:

Some might say that only Hillary Clinton would think that going around saying “I’m a slut looking for a hard fuck and all I care about is my wet pussy, my nails, and making money” represents “female empowerment.”

However, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what “female empowerment” has always meant. It means women exploiting men to get what they want – in a childishly selfish way.

There is all of this romanticizing of what feminism is supposed to be, but when it comes down to it, the only thing that is actually happening is that women are exploiting men to get what they want without giving what they used to have to give, which was marriage and children.

Feminism means that women get the sex, they get the money, they get they nails did – without having to take on the responsibilities of family. That’s what it was always about, and these black hookers are just representing feminism in a more transparent way when they go around with their tits out talking about hard fucks for their wet pussies.

Cardi B can’t really be blamed for this. She is literally a black ghetto hooker – she has done interviews talking about how she used to drug her johns to steal their wallets. Everyone understands exactly what she is. What is extremely enlightening is to see ancient white witches like Hillary Clinton declaring that this is what they always meant when they talked about feminism.

Honestly, it is baffling why you would want to send that message. Apparently, the thinking is that women now have so much power that they can stop beating around the bush and just say they want niggers to beat their pussies. Feminism has always been about women acting like totally unhinged sluts and using sexuality to exploit men, and there is nothing men can do to stop it at this point – so these whores can just admit it.