Capturing the Friedmans (2003)

I recently watched a documentary called “Capturing the Friedmans” about some Jew pedophile and his weird Jew family.

I don’t believe the Jews – on principle, I believe Jews are lying. But this documentary primarily shows the wife of the Jew saying that he was a child rapist. Also, the top cop who did the investigation was a woman. I really don’t know that I believe these women over the Jews.

Basically, the story is: the Jew Arnold Friedman got caught ordering a child porn magazine, and then the FBI found out he taught 8 and 9-year-old boys in a computer class at his home. The cops and the feds then declared there was mass anal rape going on. There was never any physical evidence, and the only real argument against the Jew was that he was a pederast, looking at pictures of young nude boys. He and his son Jesse both pleaded guilty to sodomizing boys during a computer class.

I’ve thought a lot about who was lying – these Jewish faggots or the women and the cops – and I really don’t know. If they said they were just jacking the boys off or something – fiddling them – I probably would just not ask any questions, and assume it was all true. But the logistics of anal sex are already complicated, and I just don’t know how you would be forcibly sodomizing little boys and then having their parents come pick them up an hour later.

They interviewed boys who said they were not raped and that they would know if that was going on. The alleged victim who is interviewed said he went to hypnotherapy, which is notorious for creating fake memories (this claim is contested by people who say the Friedmans were guilty – they say there was no hypnosis).

It’s possible that this whole thing was fabricated.

In this film, these boys claimed that they would tell all of the boys to get naked and put their asses in the air, and then they would hop from one to the other, anally raping them all in a row. This is on par with the goofy stuff from the Holocaust.

But these Jews are so disgusting and weird, that a jury probably would have convicted them of anything at all. They were defenseless against these types of accusations. I watched the film, and I am already biased against Jews, but I had to think about it for several days before I came to the conclusion that this was likely an FBI frame up.

There was literally no evidence, other than the fag mag and eyewitness testimony. It was alleged that they took nude photos of the boys, but none of those photos were found and it was never suggested that they were destroyed – during the raid on the home, they found child porn, but it had been ordered through the mail. A big part of the narrative was that they took pictures of the boys, so where were all the pictures?

I don’t think you can really know. They said they were guilty, waived the right to a trial, and no one will ever know.

The most interesting thing about the film though is just seeing how weird Jews really are. One of these Jews filmed all his family interactions, and a lot of that footage is included, and these people are just simply bizarre. They are not like white people. They are biologically different, they interact with each other in a way that is totally and completely different.

The top Jew, Arnold Friedman, committed suicide in prison. His brother was interviewed throughout the film – but it was only at the end of the film that it was revealed that the brother is gay. Being gay is the result of being sexually molested, so it’s not surprising Arnold would be looking at kiddie porn or molesting boys.

I also found this video, which claims that the film left out key details – and that seems clear from what this video maker says.

I don’t think the fact that the son who was convicted, Jesse, doing an interview with Geraldo confessing means that he was guilty. That Jew is clearly insane, as seen in the film. They were playing and joking around when he went to prison – it’s on video and in the film. He got dressed up to go to prison, and was horsing around outside of court. People in the court were watching out the window. These are weird, weird Jews.

However, that video does bring up the fact that there was a third Jew convicted, something that was not even mentioned in the HBO film. That’s very strange.

They also said that there was no hypnotherapy. It made me think: if they added the hypnotherapy thing, maybe they added the sodomy thing. That’s what really makes it hard to believe – that they are talking about direct anal penetration, which I think would cause bleeding and so on. However, in that Geraldo confession video, he doesn’t talk about anal penetration (at least not in that clip – I can’t find the full interview).

The film’s director, Andrew Jarecki, also seems to be Jewish.

It feels like the film is telling you they are guilty, but it could be the opposite. Maybe it was a hoax to try to clear the names of these Jews.

I really don’t know. I think that if you watch the film, you should also watch that clip about problems with the film.

It is also notable that the film was nominated for an Academy Award, so Jews apparently liked the film.

It should also be noted that one version of the film featured an American flag noose on it.

This implies that the filmmaker – or whoever designed that cover – views this as some kind of anti-Semitic lynching.

Jesse Friedman is going around trying to get his name cleared, now. He’s giving speeches. This video is from 2013. The man who introduces Jesse here goes on about the logistical problems of the anal sodomy.

Whether or not these Jews raped these boys, we have a basic fact: Jews are too weird to be in our country. They are as incompatible with Western civilization as blacks, and really much worse, on the most basic level of just having a completely alien culture. This is before anything to do with Jewish conspiracies and money practices – it is just that they are very sexually bizarre and very uncomfortable and creepy.