Captured Ukrainian Says Javelins Were Useless in Mariupol, Zelensky Ordered the Troops to Die

You’ve heard a lot about Javelins – for sure, we’ve all been bombarded with pro-Javelin propaganda.

But have you sat and wondered how such a missile system would work in an urban environment, which is where a majority of combat is taking place in the Ukraine?

If you haven’t thought about that, then you’ve probably never seen a video of the way one of these missiles works.

The “fire-and-forget” guidance system is definitely cool – no one could disagree with that.

But the amount of airspace needed for a missile of a size that is capable of taking out a tank to get off the ground and begin the homing process makes it obviously impossible to use anywhere other than an open area. I have no idea why the US military would even tell the Ukrainians to use these in urban environments.

Frankly, they would be better off using old-fashioned RPGs.

Modern RPGs might not be able to blow up a modern tank, but they can at least disable it, and they are often able to puncture the armor and kill the crew.

I guess the problem then would be that the Ukrainians would be too incompetent to aim them.


The US-made Javelin anti-tank systems have been praised for their effectiveness by Washington officials and have been turned by Western Media into a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance in the conflict with Russia. But a commander of the Ukrainian marines, who ended up being captured during the fighting for Mariupol, has revealed to RT that the hardware doesn’t really live up to the claims.

The Javelins didn’t prove useful, especially in urban warfare,” Colonel Vladimir Baranyuk, the commander of Ukraine’s 36th Naval Infantry Brigade, said.

“We couldn’t even launch one. I think it’s completely useless in an urban environment, as something always gets in the way,” he explained.

Baranyuk’s unit was also armed with Next-generation Light Anti-tank Weapons (NLAWs), supplied by Britain, but these also had their flaws, according to the officer.

“As for the NLAW missile launchers, well, we used them more often than the Javelins, but it has its own issue with the battery draining in cold conditions, making it impossible to launch,” he said.

NLAW definitely seems a lot more practical.

I hadn’t even heard about the batteries freezing. That’s hilarious.

It’s amazing how much talk there has been about these Javelins, apparently without anyone understanding what they actually are. I remember back in early March seeing these perfect-English fat “Ukraine” women on TV saying they need more Javelins.

More than 5,000 Javelins have been supplied to Kiev by Washington. Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri said last week that it accounted for a third of the US stockpile of those systems. London, for its part, has already armed the Ukrainian military with over 4,000 NLAWs and other anti-tank missiles.

“The Javelin… have proven to be very, very effective in this fight,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in April, referring to the conflict in Ukraine.

An image of Christianity’s Virgin Mother Mary with a Javelin has become an internet meme during the conflict, with US President Joe Biden boasting earlier this week of Ukrainian parents calling their newborn kids “Javelin or Javelina” in honor of the American system.

Yes, it’s all very morbid and satanic.

The Mother Mary meme is clearly satanic, and Joe Biden joking about kids being named after an anti-tank missile is just gross.

Supporters of the Ukraine are a death cult.

Here’s the interview with the Ukrainian – a commander who deserted and then surrendered. (It’s very much worth watching.)

“Our orders were to die” lololol.

He also says that Kiev abandoned him.

It’s pretty sad.

This guy was literally given an award for bravery by Zelensky himself – something that he announced in a televised address to the nation.

If the people who Zelesnky is publicly praising as heroes are deserting and then surrendering the first chance they get, what is going on with the rest of the military?