Canada: Woman Teacher Says 2+2=4 is White Supremacy

We keep hearing about “racist math.”

Just so you understand: this is not some far-right conspiracy theory. Schools are actually openly saying that math is racist. This is a real thing that is happening.

It’s like that “men can get pregnant” thing, where people thought it was some fringe group.

It’s not a fringe group. It’s mainstream that “white folk” use math to do racism about “the negro.”

Life Site News:

A Canadian teacher from Ontario made the bizarre claim that basic mathematical equations such as 2+2=4 is somehow a form of “white supremacy.”

Heather Theijsmeijer, who serves as a math coordinator in Ontario, recently posted on Twitter, “There are many math education practices that we (white folk) don’t see as racist or supremacist.”

“Because they are so ingrained in our background and experiences (and we have been the ones to benefit from them.)”

The post from Theijsmeijer, which included a graph, was brought to light by Chris Rufo, who is a journalist and a Manhattan Institute senior fellow.

Rufo has been for some time calling out multiple cases of pushing critical race theory (CRT) in both large corporations as well as in municipal governments.

A closer look at Theijsmeijer’s post shows that so-called “racist” math is broken into two main categories, “Overt White Supremacy” and “Covert White Supremacy.”

Theijsmeijer’s graph claims that “Covert White Supremacy” would include the 2+2=4 along with text saying “Assuming math is neutral,” and “Dismissing alternative algorithms.”

In a blog written by Theijsmeijer, she notes that she has stopped using the word “equals” when talking about equations.

CRT, as it is known, is a concept that claims “race is a culturally invented category used to oppress people of color,” and that all legal institutions in the United States are “are inherently racist.”

The women are our misfortune

Theijsmeijer’s post is part of a larger trend in education in both Canada and the United States that wants math to be taught using CRT ideology as a guide.

However, recent polls has found that most Americans oppose the indoctrination of students via LGBT and CRT-infused curricula.

It doesn’t matter that Americans oppose it. America is a democracy, meaning Americans have no recourse against their government. They just have to take whatever the government does to them.

That’s why so many people are against democracy – because in a democracy, you have no freedom, and the government just does whatever it wants.