Canada: Merciless Indian Savages Continue Knife Rampage – Women Police Do Nothing – AToW, 25 Stabbed, 10 Dead

The woman police chief can’t pull her shit together and catch two savages with knives. She tells people to shelter in place and hope they don’t come for them lolololol. The absolute state.

Ten is a legit high score for a shooting spree, and these two redmen did it with knives?

And they’re still going?

Straight-up Apache shit right there.

They’re still on the loose at time of writing, and there is no evidence the woman police chief is going to manage to catch them.

But yeah – we need common sense knife control.


It’s too much.


At least ten people have been killed and many others injured, after two assailants went on a stabbing spree in multiple locations in a rural area of Saskatchewan province, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed on Sunday. They warned that the suspects were still at large, and armed and dangerous.

“We have located 10 deceased individuals in 13 locations in the community of James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon, Saskatchewan,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said at a press conference on Sunday afternoon.

Does anyone think that her not being able to stop two dudes running around with knives is unrelated to her being a woman?


Women are totally useless for any purpose other than – you know the thing.

These women can pretend to be men, like cats pretending to be dogs – until the time comes to bark.

The police official added that “several additional victims have been injured, 15 of which at this point have been transported to various hospitals,” noting that there “may be additional injured victims who transported themselves to hospital,” and urging them to come forward.

She’s urging people who have been stabbed to come forward?

I think she might be getting stabbing confused with rape?


“We believe some of the victims have been targeted, while others have been attacked randomly,” Blackmore added.

A public alert about an incident with “mass casualties” was first issued at 7:12am CT (12:12pm GMT) on Sunday. Saskatchewan authorities identified two male suspects as well as their vehicle, and expanded the emergency warning to the entire province.

“As the suspects are at large, we have also asked for the alert to be extended to Manitoba and Alberta,” even though “at this point in time, we have no indication they travelled to another province,” the RCMP added.

They’re allegedly riding in a Nissan Rogue.

Somehow the police know their names, their faces, and what car they are driving, but they can’t seem to locate them as they go around stabbing everyone.

Nissan is already shamelessly trying to capitalize on the publicity – “buy a Rogue and go rouge,” their webpage now reads.

In capitalism, everything is about money. The greedy capitalists over at Nissan can’t even wait until the families have their GoFundMes up before they start trying to make money off of dead people.

You know, I could make a million jokes about a spree killing, but here’s the thing: Western society is the joke. The people running the West create tragedies in the dumbest possible ways, and then they immediately begin moralizing. Given that the spree-killing is with knives and the killers are not white, it’s a hard thing to spin.

I’m sure Justin will find a way.

His immediate statement was that they should be arrested.

That seems reasonable, but Old Rhonda apparently isn’t up to the task.

Here’s the fact: this couldn’t happen in Texas. In Texas, these men would have been quickly shot.

Virtually no one is trained in disarming a man who is trying to stab you. It’s complicated training. And even if you’ve received that training, it’s going to be difficult to do. Conversely, the ability to shoot a man who is running at you with a knife could be learned by virtually any man during a two-day course.

But the Vaginal and Anal Canadian government took everyone’s guns away because they said that if people had guns they would want to kill people.

If people are intent on killing people, they are going to do it. Anyone could kill anyone at any time.

Banning guns has zero to do with public safety. Firstly, the government doesn’t care about you – they’re still trying to give you this deadly vax. It’s lunacy to imagine they love you and are trying to take care of you because you’re their little sunshine darling. Secondly, these governments want to take your guns away so they can abuse you even further. That’s all it’s about, and a knife rampage makes that glaringly obvious.

Note: Yesterday’s article about the stabbing spree was funny. If you missed it, go check it out!