Can I AXE You a Question? Whites at NYC McDonald’s Get a Hatchet Job from Oppressed Person of Color!

Black people will often say “axe” when they mean “ask.” Also, sometimes black people will pull an axe from their bag and start smashing everything before beating and threatening to kill white people.

Such was the case at a New York McDonald’s, as seen in footage posted on the internet this weekend.

The video is really amazing, and I recommend watching it. It shows a multiracial argument, mostly between blacks and whites. It gets physical. The black in question – the man with no name – makes a display of looking bored before calmly going to his bag and pulling out an axe.

Throughout the video, other blacks are filming, jeering and laughing.

The black uses the axe to chop up various fixtures in the McDonald’s, then begins beating the group of whites. He does not actually axe-murder any of them – he has great and unmatched restraint.

The media is not really reporting on the video. The New York Post has a piece that doesn’t even use the n-word at all.

Mad respect for the Big Mac opener.

Yo Post. Post, brah. That lede you just did with that Big Mac joke got you some mad respect, homie. Yo Post – someday you gonna teach me to write ledes like that, aight? Word to your mother.

We keep seeing people in the media claiming that “violent crime was worse in the 1990s.” That data, if it is real at all, only represents the strictest type of data. It’s talking about total violent crime. In the 1990s, virtually all violent crime was restricted to black neighborhoods. It was a chaotic period of black-on-black violence that left white areas more or less totally untouched.

I grew up in the 1990s in Columbus, Ohio, and do not remember there ever being any concern about crime. Now, everyone is afraid to go outside. Homeless people line the streets, and blacks are completely out of control. It’s a post-civilizational hellscape.

Anyone who tells you that what we are seeing now is “not as bad as the 1990s” is simply lying to you. It’s a statistical trick, like claiming inflation was worse in the 1970s.

The reason crime went down in the 1990s was that people like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden – ironically – were trying to lock up all the blacks. Despite what conservative faggots now say, the blacks deserved to be locked up, and no, it was not racist to call them “super predators.”

Now, they’re letting the blacks out of prison. They’re opening the gates, because Jews just want to destroy everything. But because the Jews pumped these blacks up with hatred for whites, they are spinning out of control, and they’re coming for us – with an axe!