California Re-Closes Bars, Restaurants, Gyms and Churches

Frankly, I feel a bit like gloating. But I won’t. People attacked me viciously when I said there would be a second lockdown. They said I’d gone insane, that I was too religious, that I’d become an apocalypse preacher.

In fact, all I was doing was reading the room. The plan to do this was obviously laid out.

I just want to say this: “I was right,” and, “nah, nah, nah.” You can please go on the Gamer Uprising forum and apologize to me.

The second lockdown has begun.


Bars and inside restaurant dining are banned throughout California, while indoor religious services, gyms and hair and nail salons are again off-limits in most of the state, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday in issuing a sweeping set of closures to head off surging coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

The order is part of the state’s new strategy to control the spread of the virus by focusing on limiting indoor activities to reflect public health officials’ evolving understanding of how the virus spreads.

Earlier in the pandemic California closed beaches, campgrounds and state parks as it sought to limit interactions of people from different households. But as data showed the virus was most likely to be transmitted indoors, the Newsom administration began modifying public health orders, including ordering people to wear face coverings and leaving outdoor activities alone.

Newsom has repeatedly implored people to refrain from social gatherings and he expressed frustration that many aren’t following the guidance.

“COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon, until there is a vaccine and or an effective therapy,” Newsom said. “Limit your mixing with people outside of your household. It’s just common sense, but the data suggests not everyone is practicing common sense.”

It’s not going away anytime soon, no. So the logical thing would be to learn to live with it, and if you’re that worried, quarantine the old folks’ homes and tell the morbidly obese or otherwise chronically ill to stay home.

But no. We’re going to drive the healthy over the edge, into alcoholism and drug abuse, as they are locked out of normal society in part of a sick scheme to keep old people from dying of the flu.

The reason is: this is not about public health. If they cared about public health, they would do something about the tens of thousands dying of opioid overdoses (or obesity for that matter). Instead, they’re talking about legalizing opioids at the same time as they’re locking everyone down over this flu hoax.

This is a scheme to transform society. It is being masterminded from the top. They are using the cognitive dissonance created by the lockdown to push a totally separate agenda, involving a communist transformation of America. Primarily, they are ensuring that Trump cannot have a normal election, so that they can sweep into power and fully transform the country, unimpeded.

Understand that: we are entering a totally new form of government, where there will no longer be free elections, and the left will just force through all of these programs. There is never going to be another Republican president.

They are going to do:

  • Gun grabs
  • Hate speech laws
  • Drug legalization
  • Legalization of all immigrants
  • More mass immigration
  • War with Russia
  • More wars in the Middle East
  • Forced child trannies
  • De facto legalization of pedophilia (homosexual only)
  • Reparations for the blacks (all of your money)
  • Legal discrimination against whites
  • Every other thing on their list

It is going to be an absolute free-for-all, and there will be nothing at all impeding them.

The mask is coming off, and the ancient system of demon worship that they told you didn’t exist is going to reveal itself.

There will be no “controlled opposition.” There is no need to control the opposition when you can simply crush it, violently.