By Deploying Mujahadeen to Protect Mecca, Sultan Al-Trump Fulfills Key Campaign Promise

Shmuley Ben Shekelheim
September 21, 2019

In 2016, Sultan Muhammed Bin Al-Trump was elected on a Wahabbist platform of bringing jihad to the infidels in the name of Allah Most Merciful. Al-Trump promised that the Shiite rafida would feel the bottom of his shoe, as he unleashed the wrath of Allah’s most dedicated warriors against them in order to ensure that pure Sharia law ruled not only in the Kingdom of Saud, but across the entire planet.

However, despite winning on a hardline Islamic jihadi platform, Al-Trump is seen to have wavered on his core campaign promises to wipe out the infidels, to bring down the Shiite regime in Iran and to build mosques across Europe.

“By Allah and his prophet peace be upon him, Al-Trump shall never fulfill the glorious jihad of Allah most merciful!” exclaimed a June 2017 tweet by Ann Muhammed Jihad Al-Coulter, one of Al-Trump’s most prominent supporters during his campaign for sultan – and one of the first to abandon him when he failed to follow through with a global jihad against the infidels.

Many of Al-Trump’s other supporters were more patient, but as time went on and Iran grew stronger, while ISIS and al-Queda lost territory, others grew impatient as well.

“Sultan Al-Trump was elected on a platform of sending the mujahadeen to fight the infidels, and yet two years after his inauguration, the Iranians continue to break the food embargo on Yemen, bringing food to infidels that Al-Trump promised would starve to death,” Fox News Host Tariq Abu Bin Carlson declared in June.

“Instead of crushing the infidels of Yemen and working to bring down the refida regime in Iran, Al-Trump is talking about fake problems. Let me just tell you something: illegal immigration is not a real problem.¬†This is a hoax, just like the opioid crisis. This is a conspiracy theory used to divide the ummah and empower the infidels.” Bin Carlson then took off his shoe and began banging it on his desk, adding: “The real problem that this country is facing is infidels in Yemen, who have disrespected Allah and his prophet Muhammed, may peace be upon him.”

However, Al-Trump’s announcement on Friday that he will be deploying mujahadeen to Saudi Arabia to fight jihad against the Houthi infidels seems to be a welcome return to his campaign promise of global Wahabbi jihad.

Even Ann Muhammed Jihad Al-Coulter was forced to acknowledge it as a positive sign.

“I’m very glad to see the mujahadeen being sent to fight the shiite dogs,” Al-Coulter said on a Saturday morning radio broadcast. “But this has to be the beginning of a trend. We need to begin bombing Tehran, and Al-Trump needs to fulfill his promise of funding truck attacks in Germany and France.”

Whether a shrewd political move or a genuine act of service to Allah, most merciful and most peaceful, Al-Trump’s decision to deploy mujahadeen to protect the holy city of Mecca and fight a holy jihad against the infidels of Yemen has his base fired up.

Radio host Imam Achmed Al-Jones of, a Wahabbi jihadist and member of ISIS who has been supportive of Al-Trump while pushing him to go further with his Islamic agenda, seemed crazed on his Friday show after hearing about the mujahadeen headed for Saudi Arabia.

“It’s on now boy! Full jihad!” Al-Jones screamed. “You see, Al-Trump was just waiting for the right minute. He has all of these infidels in his administration, rafidas who don’t believe and know the truth of Allah and his prophet peace be upon him, but now he’s got them right where he wants them, he’s sending in the mujahadeen, he’s bringing down Yemen. And my sources tell me he’s also just ordered a lot, lot of big money to European mosques and that we’re going to be seeing some big truck attacks this fall.”

Al-Jones then read an ad for “Super Jihad Quran Force,” a nutritional supplement he claims increases your ability to kill infidels during jihadi truck attacks. “You pop a couple of these babies before you get behind the wheel of that semi-truck, and those infidel frogs won’t know what hit em. You’re going to have the kind of jihad focus where you’ll be dodging the bullets of the cops, circling back around to run over more infidels with that truck. I mean it is going to be like the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him is riding shotgun in that truck while you’re running down those infidels.”

Analysts predict that if Al-Trump follows this war against Yemen with a bombing campaign against Iran and terrorist attacks in Europe, the Sultan will be nearly certain to secure the 2020 election.