BUSTED: Zelensky is Not in Kiev or the Ukraine

Vladimir Zelensky has been officially BUSTED as not in the Ukraine at all.

He recently released a video of him allegedly visiting a hospital to visit allegedly injured alleged Ukrainians, and the power outlet on the wall was visible.

This type of outlet is used in Poland and Israel.

Where is it not used?

The Ukraine.

I’ve said from the beginning of this war hoax: there is zero reason he would stay in Kiev, because the media is going to say he’s in Kiev regardless, and no one is pressing him for any real proof.

What benefit would there be for him in staying in Kiev?

I don’t think that the Russians are going to do some Nuremberg thing against him if they capture him, and will probably just let him board a flight and leave after interviewing him.

At the same time, there is a history of citizens who are on the losing end of a war lynching their leader in the final days. With all of these armed gangs running around, it does seem likely that the Ukrainians would storm wherever he might be and lynch him for forcing them into this destructive war they never had any chance of winning.

So why would he have not left for Israel (or maybe Poland) as soon as he knew Russia was going to enter the country?

No reason.

He just posts these fake, staged videos.

If you look at any of these supposed hospital visit videos, most of the actors look Jewish.

But mostly, he just sits at a desk in a t-shirt.

It’s all a soundstage in Tel Aviv.