Bucha Hoax: Ukie Scum Now Blaming Russians for Swastika Carved Corpse in Azov Base

The Ukrainians are moving around dirty baby dolls for photo-ops in front of cars with bullet holes in them.

As I’ve said: it will be difficult or impossible to prove that the Russians didn’t do Bucha, because the Ukrainians refused to allow any independent investigators in before destroying all the evidence.

It’s obviously a hoax, because the Russians left Bucha on March 30, then on March 31, the mayor of the town confirmed that there were no more Russians.

We’re supposed to believe that then, on April 2, they noticed all of these bodies in the street, which had been lying there for 3 days.

The New York Times, through satellite images, is claiming they may have been lying there for two – or three! – weeks.

They didn’t bloat up, no dogs ate parts of them.


That’s obviously retarded.

But here’s something you can prove: a Ukie politician, Lesia Vasylenko, one of these women with perfect English (and French), is claiming that the dead mutilated woman with the swastika carved into her – which Patrick Lancaster filmed in one of the schools that Azov was using in a base in Mariupol – was a victim of the Russians!

The tweets of the Lancaster footage have been removed repeatedly. Here’s a new upload that will probably be removed by the time you see this.

But the video is still uploaded permanently on Infowars’ servers.

This woman posted a still image from a video Lancaster filmed INSIDE AN AZOV BASE IN MARIUPOL.


The whole thing IS ON VIDEO.

What’s more – this was viral. Everyone following the war saw this gruesome image of the swastika carved in the body.

Yet – yet – the New York Post just reported on Vasylenko’s tweet, without mentioning that it was filmed in the basement of an Azov base. They are also reporting that Russians are gang-raping and sodomizing 10-year-olds…!

What in the heck kind of journalist would have the nerve to do this???



After they did this, Patrick appeared on RT to comment on it.

So, there you have it: this is proof positive, undeniable, that the Ukrainian government is taking known atrocities committed by their own people – against their own people! – and blaming them on Russia. Then the American media is reporting this as if it was fact, despite the fact that they know it’s a hoax.

So why would anyone believe Bucha – another situation where the only thing you have is claims by the Jewish Ukrainian government backed up by the Jewish media?

We know for a fact that the Ukrainians have killed more Ukrainian civilians than the Russians. They are opening fire on fleeing civilians, they are bombing their own buildings full of civilians.

They have zero issue killing their own civilians.

This is all ridiculous, and the only reason they’re getting away with it is censorship.

Do something, Elon.