Bret Baier, Presumed to be a Homosexual Pedophile, Attacks Trump and Says Obama was Good

People don’t think it be like it is, but it do: Fox News is going to organize against Donald Trump. Fox host Brett Baier this weekend attacked Trump to defend Barack Obama. This is heinous.

Not even Tucker Carlson will go hard for Trump. He is anti-anti-Trump, but he is not really pro-Trump. He also never really got into election fraud until months afterward.

To be fair, Tucker was primarily criticizing Sidney Powell and her kraken cyber hacker theories. It’s now pretty obvious she was working for the other side, and all of that cyber hacking was total nonsense, and the real fraud was via the mail-in ballots and then stopping the count at 3 AM to bring in more ballots. It was straightforward.

Remember them illegally refusing to let Republican observers view the count, and then going so far as to board up the windows of the vote-counting stations, where only Democrats were allowed to work?

How do you explain that one photo? Is that single photo not absolute proof that the election was a hoax?

This is just right in your face, but Trump’s people decided to go on a wild goose chase with the cyber.

But Fox News dropped the whole thing. No one is sure why. Maybe it was a Jew conspiracy, or maybe it was the Jews who run the cable companies threatening to drop Fox.

But these people on there now are just all scum, other than Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine, and Laura Ingraham (and maybe some of the Fox and Friends people – I find Will Cane to be just boring, but he seems okay).

Sean Hannity is literally possessed by Jews, and only supports Donald Trump insofar as Donald Trump supports Israel. A second Trump term would be less pro-Israel after Bibi and his own whore daughter threw him under the bus, so I guarantee Hannity will support DeSantis, who violated the US Constitution by making it illegal to boycott the Jews.

Bret Baier is a complete weasel, and obviously a sexual pervert with a deviant agenda. He’s become much more prominent on the network, even though he sucks.

Jesse Watters is charismatic, and women love him, but he doesn’t believe in anything. He’s not that bad against Trump, but he will say “DeSantis is the safe bet.”

Remember, he’s supposed to be the funny guy, and he attacked Alex Stein for flirting with the big booty Latina AOC (pronounced Ey-Ock). It’s at 5:08 in this clip:

What a joke. He’s not funny. He gets serious when an actual funny person does something funny and says “you’re not allowed to be funny.”

Here’s the reality: Democrats are trying to enslaves us, to kidnap our children and turn them into trannies, to basically exterminate us. This isn’t some game, where you say “oh well, we should play by the rules.” I don’t even think ambush journalism violates any rules, and Fox has done ambush journalism for decades, but it doesn’t even matter. If Alex Stein had just straight-up raped AOC, he should still be defended, or at least not attacked. These Democrats are our enemies in a life or death sense. I don’t think decorum was violated by Stein, but it doesn’t matter.

Total war is total war and people need to act like we are in total war.

Imagine Fox News defending AOC from jokes.

Assuming the feds back off of this legal war against Trump – can he win the primary with all of Fox News shilling against him? Maybe, I guess. But what if Breitbart shills against him? What about the Daily Caller?

I’m banned to the point I’m out of the conversation. I still have 3 million monthly viewers, but Tucker Carlson has 4 million nightly viewers. My influence in 2016 was putting together memes and talking points for a Twitter troll army, according to think tanks which accused me of swinging the election. I don’t have that power now. My power now is that influential people read me. But these people are going to steal my very good talking points, and then overwrite them with DeSantis shilling.

Trump is probably going to be indicted and prevented from running. Well, maybe not “probably.” There’s a good chance of it. But even if he’s allowed to compete on some level, he is crippled in so many different ways.

Brett Baier literally defending Barack Obama and attacking Trump is beyond the pale, and I think this is a sign of things to come.

I am going to stand down and stand by for Trump. I’ve already decided that and no amount of people coming at me with “oh, but Trump hurt my feelings” are going to change that. It doesn’t matter if Trump hurt your feelings, you whiny little girl – the basic fact is that Trump is not only the best option, he is the only option, and there is zero reason not to support him as much as we can. I do love Trump even after all of this, but of course I wish there was a better option, but there simply isn’t. If you’re putting your personal feelings before practical realities, then you are literally a woman.

I’ve been listening to Nick Fuentes a lot recently (he now has a podcast that works, or you can catch the replays on He’s a lot more optimistic than I am about the potential for a political victory. He’s a handsome genius and a rich millionaire, and I respect him as much as I respect anyone, but his stated path to Total Aryan Victory through the electoral process is really a longshot. I do admit that it is technically within the realm of possibility.

That said, my overall analysis is coming from a totally different direction, where, as I explained yesterday, I think external pressures are going to be what changes things in America. And if the dollar does collapse, it is totally possible we could have a much more legitimate election in 2024, as they simply wouldn’t be able to organize 2020 style fraud in the midst of all types of chaos (which would include, as a key factor, a whole lot of the most competent Democrat operatives fleeing the scene with their ill-begotten gains).

Pictured: Democrat Party operatives leaving Washington amidst hyperinflation, March 2024

I’m optimistic that the “collapse” is going to be akin to the collapse of the USSR, and not lead to some kind of Mad Max situation. I think most of the basic civil institutions will remain functioning; the Democrats just won’t have unlimited money to screw us. Also, there will just be such overwhelming support for Donald Trump after Brandon completely destroyed the country.

I can see: the dollar doesn’t implode until 2025-26 when Gavin Newsom is president and he and his VP are forced to resign and a Republican Speaker of the House takes over, then someone awesome like Bla – like Ali Jamal sweeps in in 2028.

But like I keep saying: who the hell even knows?

What we do know is that it is just basic strategy to get Trump as the nominee in 2024 if that is possible. We should do everything in our power to make that happen, because there is simply no reason not to. I see people saying “well, I’m just not even going to vote” and it’s just like, “well, then you are just a scorned woman who cares about nothing but their own emotions.”

No one can make an argument for why you wouldn’t at least try to get Trump in in 2024. It’s not like we have something else going on we should be focusing on. Even if you want a collapse (I want a collapse), it is still the logical thing to support Trump. I can’t think of any single angle anyone could come at, other than a womanly emotional angle, where they could argue against supporting Trump.

Maybe there is a real argument, and if someone presents it, I will respond to it. But I can’t think of anything.