Brandon Gets Totally Lost Trying to Leave a Stage

There are a lot of very unfortunate Joe Biden senility videos, but this might be the most unfortunate one yet.

Speaking at the Global Fund this week, Biden finished his speech, shook the hand of the invisible friend, and then started meandering aimlessly at the side of the stage.

The host of the event, who was British, started talking to Joe in a nursing home attendant voice, attempting to coax him off the stage. But he simply looked at the man, gaping, totally unaware of where he is or what he is doing.

Stupid conservative commenters like Sean Hannity keep saying things like “the Democrats can’t hide it anymore – Joe Biden is totally senile!” But I put forth that the assertion that Democrats are trying to hide it is completely false. They can send Dr. Jill up on stage to retrieve Biden. They know he is going to have a break whenever the teleprompter goes off and he has to switch from reading back to reality.

Reading is something that people learn when they are very young, so it is something they remember until they are very old. I’ve been around old people who were going senile who would read a lot. If you interrupt their reading, they have to switch from, you know – from reading to not reading – and they lose track of what is going on. It’s like teleportation for them, to come out of the process of reading into the process of interacting with the 3D world.

This is something that is well understood, and they could very easily just send Jill up to deal with this, as they sometimes do. She can escort him off stage when the teleprompter goes off. But they skip doing this for the purpose of showing you how totally senile he is. They want you to know that.

When we say “they,” we don’t even know who we are talking about. We mean the people who control Biden. And that is the point. No one even knows specifically who is controlling Joe Biden. When Donald Trump was in office, you knew that all of his bad decisions could be attributed to Jared Kushner, an Israeli spy. With Biden, no one has any idea. So it is a way to menace and intimidate the population, to gloat that there is a secret government of people that the public can’t even identify.