Brandon “Asks” for More Money for Jewkraine – But We’re Beyond Asking Now

You know who needs more of your money?

Jewish billionaires in the Ukraine.

It’s once again time to pay up, goy.


The White House asked Congress on Friday to approve another $11.7 billion in military aid for Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia.

The sum was included in an emergency funding request for $47.1 billion, which the Biden administration said was also required for its response to Covid-19 and monkeypox, as well as disaster relief efforts.

The $11.7 billion package includes $4.5 billion for military equipment and the replenishment of Pentagon stockpiles, $2.7 billion on defense and intelligence aid for Ukraine, and $4.5 billion on budgetary support for the government in Kiev.

“We have rallied the world to support the people of Ukraine to defend their democracy and we simply cannot allow that support to Ukraine to run dry,” White House Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young wrote in a blog post.

The administration also requested $2 billion to alleviate the negative effects of the conflict in Ukraine, as well as Western sanctions imposed on Russia affecting energy supplies in the US.

“The White House asked” is funny language now.

After the the “Bloody Thursday” speech, I don’t think the White House is asking for anything anymore.

People don’t seem to understand: that was not intended to be a political speech. Joe Biden was speaking as the head of the executive branch, and accusing all supporters of Donald Trump of being violent terrorists who are a threat to the foundations of society.

When you’ve declared your ability to label anyone in the country a terrorist, you are no longer playing games, you’re no longer “asking” for things. You’re just taking. You’re just doing.

Nick Fuentes, the Mexican Child Leader of the White Race, had a good bit on the Brandon speech on Friday night. I recommend watching it.

Here’s the link. Nick starts talking at 14:38. I don’t have the timestamp for when he does the bit about the Brandon speech because I just listened to it as a podcast at the gym. But it’s worth watching the first hour or so, especially if you have never seen Nick before.

People have to wonder why Andrew Anglin, who is the world’s most handsome and infamous Hitler-lover and an artistic genius, has pledged to kill, rape, and die for a Mexican boy. That show linked above is a good example of why this happened.

For the most part, he just says all the same stuff I’ve said, but he goes into a thing about the nature of political power, and the underlying struggle going on in America, which is very good, and he uses different language than I’ve ever used. Basically, he frames the current situation as a crisis of the legitimacy of the government.

It’s also worth listening to him on this issue just to get another perspective on the gravity of what Brandon did on Thursday. I’ve seen me talk about it, and I’ve seen Nick talk about it; Tucker also had some comments.

But very few others are saying the fact: he is setting the stage for declaring everyone who disagrees with him to be a terroristic threat to his power.

And of course when we say “he,” we’re not talking about the hollow husk that is Joe Biden, but the Brandon Entity, which is a figurehead of Jewish power in America. By declaring Trump supporters threats to the state – while appearing in his official capacity as Commander-in-Chief, he is declaring war on the population, which means that we can be killed or imprisoned without charge as was done to the Moslems after 911.

I said from the beginning that this would happen if Brandon was able to steal the election, and it happened. The fact that the election theft was so obvious makes it so much more extreme.

That speech was just insane. It really was comic book villain type stuff.

That’s why none of the networks aired it. It was only on CNN and MSNBC, for the hardcore party loyalists.

They didn’t want normal Democrat voters to see this, because it was just too dark. When you have an angry, screaming old man standing in front of a blood red background, flanked by soldiers, screaming about how anyone who questions his rule is a terrorist – that is going to scare people, even if they agree with gay marriage or abortion or whatever.

It was surreal, that speech, and a sign that even weirder things are going to start happening.

There are no brakes left to pump. These people are all-in. And they’ve gone all-in before the midterms, which I did not actually expect. I thought they might let Republicans win in the midterms, to kind of cool things off a bit, then hoax the 2024 election. But they’ve gone all-in. It was obvious with the Trump raid they were going all-in – as I said at the time, you don’t do something like that and then back down.

They’re all-in.

So it’s time to ask yourself: are you all-in?

If not, you might as well just go full tranny.

We are now in a position of absolute good vs. evil, and you’re going to have to pick a side.

This is obviously not unrelated to the war on Russia. They have been calling all supporters of Trump “Russian agents” for six years. That is going to be the way they frame this legally – that domestic enemies are linked to foreign enemies. They will say it is some movement of global right-wing terrorism controlled by Russia and intended to deny gays and women their dues.