Boys Born to Older Mothers Have Higher Risk of Health Problems, Study Suggests

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2019

In the west, the trend is for women to put off motherhood and to “focus on their careers” and on partying while they’re young. This is one critical contributing factor to the decline of birthrates, as the older a woman is when she becomes a mother, the less kids she’ll be able to have.

Now this study suggests that declining birthrates may not be the only public health problems caused by womben not doing the womb stuff.

Daily Mail:

Boys born to older mothers may be at a higher risk of having heart problems, according to a study on rats.

The study by the University of Cambridge found that changes in the placentas of older mothers could damage the health of male babies.

Older mothers in the research werere the rat equivalent of a human woman aged 35 or older – considered a geriatric pregnancy.

Geriatric pregnancy is an actual term that you could casually drop when a woman over 30 talks about pregnancy or being pregnant. “Geriatric mother” may be more hurtful, but just using the word “geriatric” to refer to women or to something women do is really hilarious.

While male babies suffered negative consequences of the late birth, females did not and, in some cases, even appeared to benefit.

The researchers said placentas became less efficient at transporting nutrients and oxygen to foetuses as the mothers got older.

With the average age of first pregnancy in women becoming higher and higher, it is very important to understand how the age of the mother and the sex of the baby interact to determine pregnancy and later-life health of the child,’ said Dr Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri.

The researchers said the placenta, which is an organ connecting the mother to the baby while it’s in the womb, is ‘highly dynamic’.

Genetic changes in a woman as she ages could affect how the placenta functions, they said.

With older women being able to become mothers thanks to science and technology becoming increasingly common, men’s health problems will also become increasingly common while women’s health benefits from it.

Maybe the future really is female.

The rat study – rats are used because their biology is similar to humans’ – found that babies of either sex did not grow as large in the placentas of older women.

And the males were more likely to have high blood pressure or heart problems as they grew older because the mother’s had a different internal shape and became less efficient.

But female babies did not suffer the same risk.

We’re looking at a possible nightmarish future of midget female humanoids getting pregnant through sperm banks and weird science “fertility” treatments and aborting all male offspring because they consider them weak and obsolete, then putting young girls on testosterone to “transition” them into “men.”

That would be truly progressive.

The scientists said that, in the combination of older mother and female baby, the placenta actually ‘showed beneficial changes in structure and function that would maximise the support of fetal growth’.

Similar discoveries about males have been made before but it was not well understood why they were at a particular disadvantage.

The new research shows the genes involved in the older mother-male baby mix make the placenta less able to do its job.

The common sense thing to do if older women being pregnant is harmful to baby boys but not to girls would be to forbid older women from getting pregnant and to force motherhood on young women.

That would satisfy the laws of Equality by making pregnancy equally beneficial for both baby boys and baby girls.

Unfortunately for future kids though, women are too busy wasting their youth “working,” drinking alcohol and having useless sex with random men, objects and animals — so their health isn’t really considered important.