Bootstrapped Politician Ted Cruz Talks About “Slacker Baristas”

After Joe Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness stunt, Ted Cruz has condemned “slacker baristas” as lazy after they were swindled into getting a useless college degree by Jew-run colleges.

These colleges were engaged in securities fraud, claiming that the degrees they were selling would have some value, when actually they were less than worthless. Kids were also told to go to college by boomer parents and everyone at the high school.

I don’t like people who went to college either, and I think they should be beaten up for being fags. However, Ted Cruz is just victim-blaming, and I don’t understand who this is supposed to appeal to. Most right-wing millennials were part of this college swindle.

Why doesn’t he say the obvious thing: “the colleges committed the fraud, they should have to pay”?

Well, probably because he’s getting bribed by colleges.

No one wants to hear this “bootstraps” nonsense, Ted. There are no jobs. The degrees are worthless. Yes, people who bought the student loan debt are dumb, and should be mocked, but this is also completely destroying our country, with millennials unable to live normal lives because boomers sucked all the life out of the economy.

Moreover: Ted Cruz is a politician. This is a fake job.

I also want to mention that Ted Cruz is ugly.