Blood-Drinking Anti-Christ Baby-Killers Assaulting Family Homes of SCOTUS Judges

Your standard white female

After having briefly been replaced with “birthing persons” and “biological front holes,” women are back with a vengeance, and proceeding to do what women do best: destroy things men built.

These stupid whores are now actually going to the homes of Supreme Court Justices, after having threatened to do so. Over the weekend, they showed up outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s family home.

On Monday, they engaged in an assault on Sam Alito’s family home.

So this is very obviously open intimidation of the court. I don’t think anyone could actually claim this is anything other than that.

It’s also totally illegal, as we’ve noted repeatedly already – it’s a violation of federal law to protest any judge for the purpose of attempting to menace them into changing a ruling.

But this is a satanic movement, empowered by a satanic government, and thus it has nothing to do with the law.

The US occupation government gave up any pretense of following any kind of law during the 2020 election. The Supreme Court of course gave their blessing for election theft, deciding that states could have infinity time to come up with new Joe Biden ballots if they didn’t have enough. Every swing state where Biden won took advantage of that.

I have no idea what judges thought their role would be in a completely lawless society – but maybe they should have thought that through a bit more, before siding with the forces of Satan.

Everyone should have been able to look at the obsession with child homosexuality we’ve seen over the last few years, and known that this would turn into a full-on demand for child sacrifice by these monstrous whores.