BLM is Just a Totally Jewish Scam That Isn’t Even Run by Black People

The cops really got into a rough spot, didn’t they? Everyone hates them, and the only thing they can even do is whine about it.


Five officers have sued the Silicon Valley city of Palo Alto, saying it allowed the creation of a Black Lives Matter mural with anti-police images that constituted harassment and discrimination against law enforcement.

The mural was painted last June in the street across from City Hall following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin. It was to remain on the street for up to a year but it was gone by November, according to The Daily Post in Palo Alto, which first reported the lawsuit Wednesday.

One of the images was of Joanne Chesimard, who goes by the name Assata Shakur and was convicted in the 1973 killing of a New Jersey state trooper, according to the lawsuit filed last month in Santa Clara County Superior Court. She later escaped from prison and fled to Cuba. Shakur has yet to be found.

The lawsuit also says the mural included the logo of the New Black Panthers, which is identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group that has encouraged violence against white and Jewish people and law enforcement.

Oh, the SPLC labeled them a “hate group”?

I guess the SPLC must be fighting back against anti-white hatred now!


For those who do not recall, the New Black Panther Party is not really that new. Their leader Malik Zulu Shabazz was promoting hate crime hoaxes in the exact same way BLM does all the way back in the early 2000s.

Fox News had a bit where they would repeatedly bring him on to keep saying the Duke lacrosse rape hoax was real.

It was like a weekly bit they did – “and now, we go to this spectacoon named Shabazz to again say he believes in the Duke lacrosse white-on-black gang-rape hoax.”

You should watch the clip, it’s really feelsy. I miss 2006.

It is so nice of the SPLC to finally admit that blacks are –


Wait a second here.

I thought something smelled funny:

It’s a joke, guys. I didn’t just now look this up. We’ve been over this before.

When you first look at the fact that the list-making Jews at ADL-SPLC have black groups listed among their “hate groups,” you think “oh well, they’re just doing that to make it look like they’re not just a bunch of anti-white Jews.”

But although it might sort of serve that function, because they can go out and say “we also have black racists on our hit list,” when you actually look at it, it is all about how these blacks are against the Jews.

Obviously, BLM is an anti-white hate group. They preach the same level of hate as Malik Zulu Shabazz, and actually much more. Shabazz at least tried to act professional when he was promoting his hoaxes. And as we have seen, the NBPP is promoting the same hoaxes as BLM right now.

To be fair, some people at BLM tried to say some stuff about the Jews, but the organization is a gigantic Jewish scam, so they always ended up deleting tweets or firing people or whatever whenever anything anti-Jewish took place.

You saw how that fat bitch that runs BLM bought all those millions of dollars’ worth of property and then said it was white supremacy to ask her about it. She even said that black people that asked her about it were “embodying white supremacy.”

Anyway, yeah – that was pay-off money. She had previously said that Israel should be abolished.

The issue is: if you get a black person in front of a camera and say “talk about how you hate white people,” they’re going to say “yeah, fuck white people! And the Jews…” and then their mic is going to be cut, and you don’t have a racial uprising.

(You can see blacks talking about Jews in this Israeli-made documentary attacking the ADL. YouTube seems to have deleted the clip. I’m not going to find a timestamp.)

So it’s actually complicated to run an anti-white black hate group and not have them turn on the Jews immediately. You have to find blacks to run it who are willing to sell out – and then to hold the line.

That’s not to say that blacks have principles, but they’re very impulsive and easily agitated. You can end up in a situation where you make a black person famous as an anti-white hate figure, then all of a sudden they get angry and start going nuts about Jews and they have to shut it all down.

Hence, Ibram X Kendi, the purest of gay black sellouts.

He is a truly dim individual, but he is passive enough to go along with the “be a good little schvartze and don’t talk about your masters” bit.

He’s no Malcom X.

But his partner, America’s other top anti-white hate figure, is Robin DiAngelo – a white bitch.

If you think about it right now, you’ll notice that you don’t really even know who the leader of BLM is, and that you never really even see leaders of it. You just see some random fat black bitch screaming. It’s because the whole thing is totally organized and run by the Jews.

Even the cuck-right will admit that when they say the only semi-acceptable anti-Semitic phrase: “it’s Soros-funded.”

Of course, “Soros” as a blanket term for “Jews in general” is a bit weak. I don’t think that most of the Breitbart types who use the term even understand that they are talking about Jews. I think it’s just “creepy wealthy Eastern European banking figure involved in left-wing politics,” and they fail to make the connection to Jews.

Anyway, Soros is far from the only Jew funding BLM – the entire group was conceptualized by a literal Jew terrorist, Susan Rosenberg.

I am just remembering now the first time I read the Snopes page about whether a “convicted terrorist” is running BLM’s funding, and Snopes gave “mixed” as they couldn’t decide if bombing government buildings in the name of revolutionary Marxism is “terrorism.”

Every Snopes article that isn’t about a fake meme (that they themselves almost certainly make and distribute so they can “debunk” them) is equivalent to Bill Clinton talking about how he didn’t think a blowjob qualified as sexual relations because he thought sexual relations specifically meant sexual congress, a la the reproductive act.

Come to think of it, his arguments were pretty homophobic.

Speaking of Bill, he isn’t really around, is he? Did he get too old, or did he get pushed out of the bus over Epstein?

I half expected Joe Biden to give Hillary a cabinet position.

Speaking of cabinets, I was recently examining a family heirloom I’ve inherited and found an original SS pin. (No I didn’t. This is a joke about changing topics. Speaking of changing topics, how about that Haitian presidential assassination? Did you see where the remaining government of Haiti is calling in US troops to secure their oil fields?)