Black Woman Accused of Killing White Foster Daughter to Take Stand in Murder Trial

Body language remarks: kid is pulling away, black woman is leaning in like a needy Justin Bieber fan. The kid appears to be trying to lift the fingers of one of the black woman’s claws to release her grip.

The Daily Stormer is the only single mainstream news and commentary website to take a strong position against all forms of stranger adoption.

We have argued that if there are children without parents, they should be put in orphanages run by religious organizations, as this allows the children to support one another in a alternate type of socialization situation, which is healthier than trying to simulate a fake family.


The problem with stranger adoption is that the parent-child bond cannot be formed between people without any genetic relationship. Attempting to simulate the parent-child relationship with people who are not related to one another causes a malfunction of the child’s mirror neurons, which leads to enmity between the child and fake parents. The child will act up, and the fake parent will not have the devotion to the child that a real parent would have to their own blood, and so both parties just end up hating each other.

Adoption works with an auntie or a grandmother, but not with strangers. It’s wrong and it is only because of the Church receding and the general collapse of the family that people were able to see that orphanages could be turned into child trafficking centers. That is what the stranger adoption system is: a child trafficking racket. All of these allegedly Christian organizations that are engaged in this racket are making money off of it. Orphanages were supported by donations and sometimes by the state, but there was no profit involved.

Everything I just wrote is true of same-race adoptions. When you start doing interracial adoptions, all of these issues get totally maxed out. Virtually always, it is white people adopting nonwhites, and this leads to serious child and parent trauma. These people who do this adoption are opening their lives to a kind of living hell. It regularly happens that these situations result in murder.

Understanding all of this, it’s clear that allowing a black woman to adopt a white child – something I’d never heard of before this case in question – is going to lead to the child being killed. There is really no other possible outcome.

New York Post:

Ariel Robinson, a Food Network contestant accused of killing her foster daughter in their South Carolina home, said Wednesday that she plans to take the stand in her murder trial, according to local reports.

Robinson, 30, and her 35-year-old husband, Jerry “Austin” Robinson, were arrested and charged with homicide by child abuse in January 2021 following the death of their 3-year-old foster daughter, Victoria “Tori” Rose Smith, Greenville County records show. Austin pleaded guilty last month to aiding and abetting homicide by child abuse.

Ariel Robinson’s trial began Monday, and on Wednesday, the “Worst Cooks in America” season 20 winner told Judge Letitia Verdin that she plans to take the stand herself, according to FOX Carolina.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office said last year Smith died as a result of blunt force injuries, according to a medical examination.

Prosecutors argue the Robinsons fatally beat the 3-year-old on Jan. 14, 2021, when police found the girl unresponsive in their home. Greenville County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Ward, a forensic pathologist, testified that the toddler was beaten with such force that her blood vessels burst, allowing blood to collect in her muscles and fat, which could have led to her death, FOX Carolina reported.

“If we lose enough blood, the heart doesn’t have enough volume to pump,” he said.

Austin previously told authorities that the fatal beating stemmed from Jan. 13, 2021, when he said Tori threw up on the way to a church service, and Ariel became angry at the child.

Witnesses Jean Smith and Avery Santiago testified on Wednesday that they saw Ariel and an undressed Tori in the church bathroom as Ariel tried to clean the girl’s dress in a sink. Smith said she asked Ariel whether Tori was sick, and Ariel apparently told her that the child “eats too much and makes herself throw up,” calling it “a game.”

Santiago testified that she heard Ariel say to Tori, “‘Oh, you’re cold. You’re cold. Girls that make themselves throw up deserve to be cold,’” according to FOX Carolina.

Austin, who took the witness stand on Tuesday, testified that Ariel would become angry with Tori’s eating habits and beat her with belts or a wooden paddle.

“Sometimes I’d take a piece of (her) food just to help her out,” the 35-year-old testified, FOX Carolina reported.

He also recalled the last conversation he had with Tori before her death.

“She was laying on the bed,” Robinson testified. “She told me she loved me, and I said, ‘I love you too.’ I said, ‘I promise this won’t happen again.’ She said ‘Okay.’”

Child murder is a horrible tragedy, and this is likely the worst imaginable form of child murder. Like all heinous black violence, this would cause a complete reevaluation of race relations in any sane society.

Unfortunately, this is not a sane society.


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