Black Who Shoved Asian Woman in Front of Subway Found Not Fit to Stand Trial

Killing people is perfectly legal in America – as long as you’re black.


The man charged with killing an Asian American woman when he shoved her in front of an oncoming subway train in Times Square in January has been deemed unfit to stand trial, prosecutors said.

Martial Simon was placed into the custody of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene during a court appearance Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney’s office said on Wednesday.

Martial Simon, typical Trump supporter

He was declared unfit to stand trial by psychiatrists at Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan last month, according to the New York Times.

During Tuesday’s court hearing, prosecutors decided not to challenge the psychiatrists’ finding and Simon was remanded to the custody of the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene until he is fit to stand.

Simon, 61, was previously denied bond and has been held at Bellevue since his arrest on January 15. He did not make an appearance in court on Tuesday.

His case is now suspended until further notice.

Simon was charged with second-degree murder after he allegedly pushed 40-year-old Michelle Go onto the subway tracks as a train pulled into the Times Square 42nd Street subway station on January 15, prosecutors said.

Go was standing on the southbound NQR train platform when the attack happened.

While Simon was not charged with a hate crime, Go’s death came amid a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City and the rest of the US. Following her death, hundreds of people gathered in Times Square to honor Go, who outside her professional life also spent time volunteering with the New York Junior League helping the homeless.

Remember when the media did that whole thing about “stop Asian hate,” where they tried to blame all of these random black attacks on Asians on white people?

The New York Times compiled a list of “hate attacks” on Asians and said it was the result of white supremacy and Donald Trump. They didn’t include pictures of the attackers, but you could look them up, and see that all of them – hundreds of them – were black.

Now the courts just allow black people to kill Asians?

This isn’t a serious country.