Black Subway Terror Shooter Arrested After Calling Cops on Own Self

Frank James, the black terrorist who shot up the Brooklyn subway, was arrested on Wednesday after calling the cops on himself.

I’m pretty sure that’s the only way black people ever get arrested in New York – they have to call the cops on themselves.

All the cameras in the subway were turned off, because all of that stuff is run by blacks.

The FBI JTTF was there and I guess they were also just waiting around for the guy to report himself.

Zack also helped, because the people is nice and the life is nice, you know?

This fat boomer unloaded a high capacity Glock into a crowded subway, firing 30 rounds and killing a total of zero people.

This guy had posted some schizo black race stuff on YouTube. We posted some of the clips yesterday, but they’re deleted now.

I’m sure someone reuploaded it somewhere.

But who cares?

It doesn’t matter. The media will just talk about gun control and then bury the story. They’re not going to say that he was stirred up by black radicalism on the internet, and they’re not going to apologize for not saying that. So whining about a “double standard” doesn’t really do anything.

Anyone who cares about your whining about a double standard already agrees with you. Many people just think blacks should be allowed to kill people, because of slavery and some secret system of racism no one can explain.

Honestly, I don’t really care if people on a New York subway get shot up by a schizo black boomer. They are just getting what they deserve.

The governor’s solution is a technetronic control grid.

These people deserve that as well.