Black Die Hard Crash Woman was Going 130 MPH (210 KPH)

Frankly, Mercedes doing 90 to 130 in 5 seconds is more impressive than their 17 second 0 to 60 is.

It’s nice that we’re able to provide the blacks with this marvel of German engineering. However, I think it is important to remember that if it were not for slavery and the Holocaust, Wakanda would be making even faster cars. If this car had been going 4000 MPH, which is the estimated speed of Wakanda cars if they had not been destroyed by colonialism, she would have made it through the intersection clean.

New York Post:

The nurse facing murder charges for the fiery Los Angeles crash that killed five was going 130 mph – it was revealed on Sunday – 40 miles faster than previously thought.

Nicole Linton, 37, was initially thought to be driving her Mercedes at 90 mph, but court papers obtained by the Los Angles Times on Sunday said she floored the pedal for at least five seconds before deliberately speeding into La Brea and Slauson avenues on Aug. 4.

“Further analysis reveals that her speed at impact was in fact 130 mph and that she floored the gas pedal for at least the 5 seconds leading into the crash, going from 122 mph to 130 mph,” said the filing, which was released on Friday.

Prosecutors laid waste to the claims that she lost consciousness by citing surveillance video and data from her Mercedes. The documents said Linton had “complete control over steering, maintaining the tilt of the steering wheel to keep her car traveling directly toward the crowded intersection.”

Was this an attempted suicide?

I can’t really understand what the thinking even is.

Again, we have to note the German engineering, since she just got up and walked away from this inferno.

However, we should also note that the theoretical cars that the Wakandans would have built if it was not for white interference would have a force-field, so there would have been no damage at all.

Joe Biden should push the Germans to make faster cars for the blacks.