Black Alpha Male Decapitates 8-Months-Pregnant White Woman, Throws Her in the Dumpster

Liese Dodd

The shocking thing about this is that no one could have predicted it.

Seriously – how often do you hear of an American-African having the work ethic to fully remove a woman’s head?

New York Post:

A pregnant Illinois woman was decapitated at her home, where her head was discovered in a dumpster — and her ex-boyfriend has been charged in the brutal murder, authorities said.

Deundrea Holloway, 22, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the death of Liese Dodd, also 22, whose remains were found Thursday in her Alton home, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Deundrea Holloway

He also was hit with two counts of intentional homicide of an unborn child, dismembering a human body, concealment of a homicide and possessing a stolen vehicle.

Side issue here, but – how is it possible that “intentional homicide of an unborn child” is still a crime in America? I remember this with the whole Lacy Peterson trial. How can it be illegal to kill an unborn child in a country with abortion on demand?

The explanation is apparently that only the mother is allowed to kill her child. But then why isn’t the mother allowed to kill it after it is born? It’s either a person or it isn’t.

The head of the nearly eight-months-pregnant woman was found in the dumpster outside her apartment, according to the newspaper.

“What was observed, what was learned, what was found, is absolutely terrible,” Alton Police Chief Marcos Pulido said, the Post-Dispatch reported. “She was decapitated by a freaking savage monster.”

You see – this is what we’re talking about with the endless police racism.

“Savage” is a racist hate word, rooted in colonialism and slavery.

Dodd’s mother, Heidi Noel, discovered the horrific scene on Bolivar Street when she went to check on her Thursday after she had not heard from the woman — who was expecting her first child, a baby girl, on July 27, according to the paper.

Weird, that’s my birthday.

The family had reportedly been planning a shower for the baby, whose wish list included a pink princess crib sheet.

Officials have not said if the murder suspect — who Pulido said had “an on-and-off” relationship with Dodd for about two years — was the unborn baby’s father.

But the grief-stricken mother told KMOV that Holloway was not the father.

The Democrats are so absurd, talking about “not one life” with relation to gun control, but there is no attempt to do any kind of negro control, and in fact, they want more negroes and less negro control.

Anyway, I’m glad this woman is dead, and I hope that maybe a few stupid whores will see this story and think twice the next time they get a craving for black cock.