Billionaire Jew Sued by Bitter Old Skank Who Says She was “Child Prostituted” at Age 17

Daryl Katz

Jews are greasy – I think we all get that. But frankly, that’s just whatever. None of these Jews that have been accused of this sex stuff appear to have done anything illegal. We should say it’s morally wrong, and so on.

Firstly, in this case, even if it is all true, it’s a technicality.

The age of consent is 16 – you’re just not allowed to pay the slut. Which gets into totally confusing territory, because are you allowed to give her a job? Are you allowed to buy her dinner?*

None of this is clear, and none of it even matters – it’s just “man bad, woman good.”

And when you’re a “white” billionaire, no court is going to side with you over some bimbo. It’s all just totally against the basic concept of law and order.

Obviously, the Jews deserve this sort of thing, because they’re the ones that destroyed law and order in the first place. But firstly, I don’t know that this particular Jew did that (frankly he probably did), and secondly, this doesn’t only apply to Jews. Just like we saw with Harvey Weinstein, as soon as his conviction came down, prosecutors started filing all kinds of new charges that they’d denied bringing pre-Weinstein conviction, because the precedent had changed.

My personal view: Jew, black, whatever – I stand with all men against all women.

New York Post:

The owner of the Edmonton Oilers is facing accusations he paid a teenage ballet dancer $75,000 in exchange for sexual favors, according to a civil suit reported on by CBC News.

A third-party counterclaim in US District Court in Nevada alleges Canadian billionaire Daryl Katz was in a sexual relationship with ballerina Sage Humphries when she was an underage teen.

The counterclaim is in response to a 2021 lawsuit that was filed against dance teacher Mitchell Taylor Button and his wife, Dusty Button, by Humphries and other ballet dancers who accused the couple of sexual abuse, the Canadian outlet reported.

Earlier this month, the couple filed the third-party counterclaim that alleges the Buttons were in a consensual “throuple sexual relationship” with Humphries when she was 18, but also claims Katz and two other men had sexual relationships with the Humphries when she was underage, CBC News reported. The claim seeks to hold the men responsible for any damages.

Humphries was literally a child prostitute to a billionaire,” the claim alleges, “and her mother assisted her in laundering the money she was paid and in trafficking her to Katz.”

Oh come on.

In what reality is a 17-year-old slut soliciting favors from a rich man by exploiting sex a “child prostitute”?

She was the sexual predator, now she’s abusing the legal system to get even more money from him.

One exhibit from the court filing obtained by CBC News shows texts allegedly exchanged between Katz, when he was 53, and Humphries when she was 17. It wasn’t clear how the messages were obtained for the civil suit.

If my guys send u funds will u spend it on/keep it for yourself?” Katz allegedly wrote. “And just between us? Even though u r wise beyond your years given our respective ages it would be taken the wrong way.”

“Yes .. Just between us,” Humphries allegedly replies.

“OK will have one of my guys email u. He will send you 50K,” Katz then allegedly replied.

Katz’s attorney, Robert Klieger, denied the allegations against his client, calling them “baseless and scurrilous.”

He told CBC News Katz never had a sexual relationship with Humphries, though the two met twice in 2016 to discuss a project the teenager was pitching to Katz’s film company, Silver Pictures.

Klieger said he could not verify the authenticity of the texts in the court filing, CBC News reported, but Katz did arrange for $75,000 to be sent to Humphries as part of a business deal.

They ultimately decided to pass on the project. But during the period of time that the project was under consideration, they asked for some help to keep with the funding of the project to keep it going. And that’s the $75,000 that is at issue,” said Klieger.

I don’t even doubt that this is a crime – I think this bitch is lying about her age.

Here’s the allegedly abused slut in a YouTube video from January 20, 2014 (when she was 15? Unless her birthday is in the first 20 days of the year, she would have been 15. She looks 30):

(I am joking about her lying about her age, sort of – I think in the modern age, legal records exist. But she did look 30 in 2014, and she’s also a greasy whore, so the idea of some “violation of innocence” is also idiotic.)


This is from 2020:

*No one should mess around with age of consent bullshit. Even if they tell you “it’s legal to have sex when she’s 16,” it really isn’t. There are a million different ways they can screw you. There was a famous case where a girl lied about her age – she was 17 and not 18 – and a guy had sex with her and recorded it on his iPhone and the court put him in prison, ruling the sex was legal but the filming wasn’t. Also, if you drink alcohol with them, that is “corruption of a minor for the purposes of sex” which is the same thing as a statutory rape. (That is true even if you didn’t buy the alcohol, and might even be true if you didn’t see her drink the alcohol.) Point being: no matter what, if you end up in court with a girl under 18, you are going to jail. I personally think women should be force-child married and the marriage should be consummated upon first mensuration, as is in line with biology and all of history, but the reality is, if you’re looking for a girl, you have to pick from a bunch of ran-through 18-year-olds who have probably already had multiple abortions and sex with dozens of black men.