Billionaire Fashion CEO Says Greta Thunberg “Surrendered Completely to Catastrophism,” Calls Her “Demoralizing”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2019

You can still find people who question Climate Queen Greta out there… for now.

Daily Mail:

French business magnate Bernard Arnault, 70, has described climate activist Greta Thunberg as ‘demoralising for young people’.

The billionaire Chief Executive of LVMH made the comments while speaking at his luxury giant LVMH’s sustainability event earlier this week.

Arnault said that while Greta was a ‘dynamic young girl,’ she has ‘surrendered completely to catastrophism.’

Arnault’s giant group boasts Fendi, Christian Dior and Givenchy among its brands.

‘I find that her views are demoralising for young people,’ the fashion CEO continued.

‘I prefer positive solutions that allow us to get towards a more optimistic position.’

He added that there was a positive side to economic growth, pointing out that it had helped to create jobs and lift many people from poverty.

‘If we don’t want to go backwards, we still need growth,’ he said.

How absolutely dare you, Arnault?

She’s not supposed to give you solutions!

Queen Greta’s task is to just sit in some place and look at you very disapprovingly while intermittently making weird facial expressions to further signal her disapproval of you.

Queen Greta and her Climate Army are just meant to demand others to fix the planet by adopting a vegan diet, taking transatlantic yacht trips with European royalty instead of flying on planes, and driving needlessly expensive Tesla cars.

They’re not meant to really do anything other than that because their whole cult is based on the idea that everyone has to do the things they demand for the things they demand to work, so demanding others to do things is kind of a fundamental value of theirs.

Considering that they think that everyone needs to do what they ask in order to save the planet and how hard it is to get all of the planet’s population to do what they want, it’s easy to see how truly demoralizing their beliefs are.

Everyone is setting the planet on fire and refusing to stop!

Of course, brainwashing kids with this Climate Apocalypse fantasy is likely to result in them being very open to the idea of voting for a global government able to make everyone do what’s necessary to save the planet once they’re able to vote.

It’s all about long-term strategy.