Biden Official Says Africans Have to Starve to Death for Judeo-Anal Aryan Democracy in the Ukraine

Remember when they told you that black lives matter so much that it’s actually hateful to claim that white lives matter, because white lives are basically worthless in comparison to black lives? Well, now a bunch of black people have to starve to death in Africa because we are fighting for the right of a white European country to do gay anal. The Science changed.

These Africans are just going to have to learn to understand that they are starving to death because of a great cause: the cause of Jews building the Aryan Fourth Reich of child rimjobs in the Ukraine.

People must be taped to posts. These are our values. It’s who we are.


The situation surrounding Ukraine could lead to famine in Africa and the Middle East, Cecilia Rouse, the chair of US President Joe Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers, told CNBC on Friday.

Rouse said that Russia and Ukraine are generally considered the bread basket for many parts of the world, as they are major producers of wheat, soybeans, and other agricultural commodities. And given the state of war and the sanctions placed on Russia, planting and exporting these key crops may become difficult, if not impossible, while higher energy costs and fertilizer prices add fuel to the fire.

“This is a big concern… We’re working with our international aid agencies to ensure there’s some humanitarian aid because we are concerned, particularly in the Middle East, parts of Africa and the Far East… about famines and shortages in those parts of the world,” Rouse stated.

Sorry, starving brown people. I guess you will have to do cannibalism.

This is about democracy. And democracy must come first.

It’s who we are.