Best Great Reset and Pandemic Hoax Documentary to Show Normies

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This documentary, “The Power Brokers You Never Elected,” is the single best thing I’ve found to show someone who is sort of starting to grasp that something is wrong but doesn’t understand what it is.

The film is made by the Swede Jonas Nilsson. He narrated it in Swedish, and sometimes shows himself, so in the English version, it looks a bit weird to have him dubbed in English. I listened to a Red Ice interview with him, and his English is definitely too rough for him to have recorded the English himself. So the dubbing is unfortunate.

But otherwise – wow. What a great 50-minute summary of the virus hoax and the way it has been used to centralize wealth and build up this control grid.

I don’t think it’s just good for normies. I think it’s worth everyone’s time to sit down and watch it. But I do think it is designed in such a way that someone without much background in this material will be able to understand it very easily.

I think it’s better than the much more expensive films that Alex Jones has produced on the topic (although those are good too, Jones just always has to go into these weird tangents, and anything he’s involved with ends up being a bit over the top).

This is a very basic and straightforward presentation of the facts, with all of the sources documented, and no real room for debate or disagreement about what exactly it is that is going on here on planet earth.