Ben Shapiro, Who is Jewish, Is Still Out There Shilling Like a Maniac

Ben Shapiro is Jewish.

Look at this – you have a page of gibberish before he gets to the point.

I don’t know what the first five tweets mean. Like literally, I have no idea what any of that means. I searched “the Mythology of the Emerging Democratic Minority Majority (MEDMM)” and there were no results for that, using that acronym, and the “myth of the emerging Democratic majority” is something totally unrelated to what he is saying.

That is purposeful gibberish, which is intended to dazzle the goyim. People are supposed to think “oh that must be something smart, because I don’t understand it.”

Then at the end he gets to the point: “goyim, stop attacking the FBI and supporting Donald Trump.”

I’m so exhausted by the Jews. Before I was deplatformed, Ben Shapiro would tweet about me almost every day, and refused to debate me or even directly respond to me.

He gave an entire speech about Nick Fuentes, and refused to debate him.

He’s the worst “person” (in fact reptoid) ever.

We’re supposed to just go around talking forever about how Joe Brandon is a silly person with bad policies because no one cares about the FBI becoming the Democrat secret police?

Joe Biden is a senile old man who is not in charge of anything.

Attacking Joe Biden personally just looks mean at this point. No one believes he is in charge – except for, apparently, Ben Shapiro.

Where is Gavin McInnes, Ben?