Belgian Farmers Start Protesting Against Retarded Starvation Agenda

Is Belgium or the Netherlands going to go full Sri Lanka?

I doubt it. It’s much more likely that they will go full Canada. In the West, when there are protests, the government figures out a way to shut them down.

Most Americans don’t even know these protests are happening in Europe. At this point, you would need a worldwide movement against this globalist agenda, and you just can’t make that happen because of the censorship.

The censorship is going to get to the point where you won’t even know one of these protests is happening anywhere on earth unless y0u go to it. Sure, the Daily Stormer will still exist, and maybe we’ll have somewhere to upload cellphone videos. But most people are already unaware of what’s happening, and they still apparently haven’t hit diminishing returns on censorship yet.


Farmers in northern Belgium attempted to break into the town hall of Hoogstraten after staging a mass protest in response to the government’s EU-driven agenda to cut nitrogen emissions, as is being attempted in the Netherlands.

The European Union’s Natura 2000 network, which mandates that the 27 member states must protect designated habitats in a “sustainable manner, both ecologically and economically,” and therefore must cut nitrogen emissions — spurring widespread unrest among the Dutch Farmers — has now spread to the heart of the EU in Belgium, with farmers driving their tractors to the centre of Hoogstraten on Monday evening.

The protesters, who set fires on the street and attempted to stage a break-in of the city hall, were reportedly angered by the local government expressing support for the national government’s plan to impose limits on nitrogen, a move that would disproportionately impact the farming industry, the local Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper reported.

Before imposing the restrictions, the national government requested advice from municipalities. While nearly every other local council submitted a negative view of the plans in the agricultural region, the local government of Hoogstraten submitted positive advice, despite the fact that a public survey had resulted in 373 objections compared to just 24 positive comments on the plan.

The failure to listen to the public sparked outrage amongst the farmers, who drove their tractors to the town centre, blockading the town hall and eventually attempting to break into the government building, though police ultimately prevented such action.

The protest in Belgium follows months of demonstrations in the Netherlands, where the Dutch farmers have risen up against the government of globalist PM Mark Rutte attempting to usher in similar measures, which could shut down as much as 30 per cent of all livestock farms in the nation.

Speaking to Breitbart News in July, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek claimed that the move from the Rutte government was nothing more than a “pilot” programme of the Great Reset agenda through governments reclaiming power and property from the public.

I don’t really care what the difference between Belgium and the Netherlands is, but they are both at least vaguely French and German, small countries resulting from collapsing empires. But we aren’t seeing protests on this scale in either France or Germany.

Also, these protests are actually just serving this austerity purpose by driving up food costs, frankly.