Belarusian Patriots Rally for Lukashenko as NATO Stirs Along EU Border

The people are rallying in Belarus to support normalcy, and just as they are, the scum of the earth is bubbling up on their borders, ready to pour in and overwhelm them with anal sex and Islamic jihadism.


On Saturday, the Belarusian president ordered an air assault brigade to be transferred from Vitebsk region in the country’s northeast to Grodno region near Belarus’s borders with Poland and Lithuania after expressing concerns about increasing military activity in those two NATO nations.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has given his first public address since last Sunday’s presidential elections and the week of turmoil which has followed, and emphasized that he would not agree to any new round of elections demanded from abroad.

“Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and, unfortunately, our kindred Ukraine and its leadership are ordering us to hold new elections. If we agree to toe the line, we will go into a tailspin and never again stabilize our airship [of state]. We will die as a state, as a people, as a nation,” Lukashenko said, speaking before thousands of supporters on Independence Square in central Minsk on Sunday. “I will never agree to the scrapping of our state. This will not happen,” he stressed.

Lukashenko also warned about an alleged buildup of NATO forces, including tanks and aircraft, on Belarus’s western borders.

“Look around: there are tanks, there aircraft are taking off 15 minutes from our borders. And this is not for nothing! NATO forces are clanging their tank tracks at our gates. A buildup of military power is taking place near the western border,” Lukashenko said. “They [the opposition] are already being manipulated by outsiders, by puppeteers. They see the western borders of Belarus here, near Minsk, as it was in 1939, and not near Brest,” he added. “This will not happen. We will become Brest Fortress. We will not give up the country.”

It gives you chills to read that. It is like a speech given by Glorfindel as the orcs of Mordor gather at Isengard and prepare for their march.

“Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and clean, and his voice like music; on his brow set wisdom, and in his hand was strength.”

Make you no mistake – that is exactly what it is.

The devil himself is pushing to tear down Belarus, and if he does, he is that much closer to crushing Russia and bringing in his New World Order.

Addressing allegations by the opposition that he had ‘stolen’ the election, Lukashenko said that this was impossible, given the size of his margin of victory. “The elections have taken place. It’s impossible to falsify over 80 percent of the result. This cannot happen…Who will hold these [new] elections? Who will take part in these elections? Bandits and thieves!” he suggested.

The Belarusian leader, who has been in power since 1994, and won a sixth consecutive term last Sunday, insisted that he was not clinging to his post. “I am not standing here because I have firmly grasped power. For a quarter of a century, I gave my youth and the best years of my life to serve you and our Motherland…They [the opposition] are shouting ‘Go away!’. No problem, no problem. Presidents come and go…But then what? And who will we wait for here tomorrow? Who will we have to feed tomorrow?” he asked.

Who will feed them?

The NATO plan is that they should eat their own children – for that is the way of the New West, the way of Satan, the way of the Jews who have fed on our blood and fed us our own children since they seized control of our nations long ago.

An 11-year-old boy dances for dollar bills in women’s clothing on the stage at a homosexual club. This is what the protesters in Belarus are asking for.
A gang of Pakistanis that took white girls as young as 11 from outside of their schools to give them drugs and pass them around as hookers. This is the “freedom and democracy” that Mike Pompeo and NATO seek to bring to Belarus.

The stakes of this battle could not be more clear-cut or more straightforward.

This is good versus evil. This is one of the last true white nations looking down the barrel of pure homosexuality, pure feminism, pure racial invasion.

Lukashenko will be remembered as Glorfindel – a man of pure essence who held the line against an evil that sought to consume the land.

Lukashenko also stressed that if Belarusians want to see reforms, the government will be ready to start “tomorrow,” so long as the requests are reasonable. He suggested, for example, that the state could not agree to give out ‘free money’ like some wealthier Western countries have amid the recent coronavirus crisis. “‘Money thrown from helicopters’ from thin air does not exist. That money must be earned every day, and not in the public square, but in factories and enterprises.”

Sunday’s manifestation in support of Alexander Lukashenko was the first of its kind since last week’s election and the wave of protests and clashes between police and protesters which has followed. Previously, authorities had urged the government’s supporters to stay at home to avoid escalating tensions.

Russia, China, Venezuela, Syria, Vietnam, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have recognized the election results and congratulated Lukashenko on his victory.

His point about the free money gets to the heart of it. These people are all asking to sell their souls to Satan.

Lukashenko is a pragmatic leader, and I’m sure he’s ready to do whichever reforms are popular and possible, but in no reality can he hand out free money in the way that Western nations are handing out free money.

But free money is what the women and other lazy millennials in this crowd of foreign-backed subversives want.

They want magic free money and they want anal sex and Islamic immigration. Only the Evil Wizards of the West can give them these things.

It’s virtually all women in these protests. The only men you see are soyim who are obviously short on access to pussy, and going out to these rallies to attempt to get a whiff of a gooey hole.

Even the toddlers are female. They cannot convince male toddlers to go out to this gay event.

God bless the male toddlers of Belarus for resisting! I’m sure their whore single mothers tried to drag them along – and they said no!

These protesters are literally cutting and pasting “orange man bad” memes for their conspicuously English-language signs.

“Not my president! This pussy grabs back! This is a recording!”

Part of this is certainly representative of a lack of creativity on the part of the people who plan these revolutions. The people who planned the pussy hat marches against Donald Trump were looking at Belarus and said “well, we can just recycle all of these same memes.”

But part of it is simply that they’ve found what works on the psyche of childless (or otherwise unmarried) white women – they love to use the leader of the country as a stand-in for their father, and attack him on those grounds. “Daddy, you didn’t do enough for me! You didn’t take care of me, daddy! I’m so lonely now daddy, why didn’t you protect me!”

The mind of a woman is simple and stupid, and it only has so many different functions. A man is either her father, or a potential boyfriend, or she blocks him out of her view completely. A woman who follows a strong leader is going to view him as a potential lover, and a woman who opposes a strong leader is going to view him as a failed father.

So the memes write themselves and they’re going to look the same across any nation of unmarried white whores.

These women are angry at their fathers, and they want Islamic immigration. White women love brown men, and if they have any chance, they will replace their population of white men with brown men.

These women in the streets of Belarus right now look at Lukashenko as a barrier to the protests they really want to be having, which are protests demanding that the country be flooded with Middle Eastern Moslems and literal Africans.

Along with the sluts and the pussy-sniffers, you also have the obligatory homosexuals, who are of course demanding, as they always do, direct access to pubescent boys.

This is the trifecta of evil in the Slavic world:

  1. Unmarried women
  2. Homosexuals
  3. Neo-Nazi retards who have no idea what is going on and are extremely susceptible to CIA internet propaganda

The third group are so dumb that it simply makes you sick. Imagine the stupidest group of wignat retards you’ve ever seen, then imagine they exist in a language vacuum where they’re unable to access any sort of intelligent nationalist content to curtail their worst instincts.

If you look at neo-Nazis in America, for instance, they’re always forced to give various concessions to more intelligent nationalists, because their own people are seeing intelligent nationalist content and asking questions about their direction. Neo-Nazis are always pushing back against real nationalists in America, but they have a hard time going triple-retard for long. The ones that do end up collapsing in on themselves as their own supporters wake up to the lunacy of their stupid agenda.

But in Slavic countries, there is no intellectual nationalist movement outside of the supporters of the government. So there is no smart middle ground that is presenting a logical path forward for nationalists to improve the nation. There are just idiotic neo-Nazis who are run out of the West by intelligence groups who flood the Slavic-language internet with their gibberish.

So, the average nationalist-minded person is caught in a trap. They are told things like, “we will separate from both Russia and the EU and become an independent nation with a fascist government! We will storm the parliament and install a fascist state! We will bring down the system!”

These neo-Nazis then serve as the foot soldiers of this Jewish, feminist, homosexual agenda to overthrow nationalistic Slavic governments.

We saw this exact thing unfold in the Ukraine just five years ago, when the neo-Nazis were literally the fighting army of the Jews. There were literal “former” Israeli Defense Force soldiers leading neo-Nazi street gangs to overthrow the government!

I won’t be surprised when Haaretz prints an article about the IDF soldiers leading the revolution against Lukashenko.

This is literally the Ukrainian Maidan all over again. It was neo-Nazis who made the final push to storm that parliament.

You see: Jews have no problem using neo-Nazis for their agenda, just as they have no problem using Islamic terrorists for their agenda. They don’t care. They will do whatever works to force through their New World Order program.

As we now know, the neo-Nazi revolution in the Ukraine led directly to this:

Ukrainian neo-Nazis have yet to apologize for turning the Ukraine into a faggot-riddled hell, and instead are busying themselves terrorizing Russian-speaking peasants in the East of the country, seeking some sort of “territorial integrity” for a country that was invented in 1991.

Meanwhile, Lukashenko has held the line against homosexualism.

The neo-Nazis are out in these crowds in Belarus, ready to assert themselves. Some of these retards are currently spamming the Gamer Uprising forum in their broken English saying, “this is nothing like the Ukraine…”

There were already Belarusians found to be fighting in the Ukraine, of course.

This guy was arrested in Belarus after having fought for the neo-Nazi group “Azov” in the Ukraine:

I’m not going to say that guy doesn’t look kind of aesthetic, and that there maybe isn’t a bit of romance in that sort of business. But it is just totally misdirected rage. Someone who looks like that is not smart enough to really know what is going on, and he can very easily be used for the agenda of the Jews.

The governments of Slavic countries should have been smart enough to address and to direct the youthful rage of the kind of men that join neo-Nazi groups, but they were not, so now they’re in this situation.

Likewise, they should have been smart enough to address the issue of unmarried women, and foresee that they would form a fifth column with foreign allies in their quest to punish their fathers and gain unlimited access to black dick. They failed to do that.

Now, they have a total crisis on their hands in Belarus, and there is an extreme media push for a revolution in the country. The next phase is going to be bringing out these neo-Nazis to engage in violent confrontations with the cops.

I said in a previous article that my first advice would be to form a pro-government street movement to fight against the State Department backed shill “protesters.” Belarus has done that.

The next most important thing is to turn on the propaganda on Belarusian TV nonstop, showing what these people are demanding. They need to show the child trannies. They need to show the mass Islamic immigration. They need to show the homosexual parades. They need to say “this is what the people protesting in the streets are trying to bring down on our homeland.”

Right now, if I was going to bet money, I would say that short of rolling in the Russian military to make a stand, Belarus is going to fall to the hordes of Mordor. Thus far, when this media machine starts up, every target it has had in its sights has been destroyed.

If Belarus falls, Russia is going to have that much more of a problem withstanding this coming storm.

For those of you who haven’t yet understood my personal strategy: I’ve at this point accepted that the world is going to fall to the Jews, and that their New World Order will be created, so my entire hope is that pockets of white people will be able to hold out through this time of chaos to rise from the ashes after the Hand of God causes the Jewish system to collapse in on itself. I believe that groups of Americans will be able to hold out in rural areas, and my hope is that Russia will hold out as a nation and ride through the storm. However, if the Russian state does fall to the Jews, it is better later than sooner. The later it falls, the more chance the people will have to escape the full brunt of the system.

Godspeed to Lukashenko.

I pray that God’s Archangel will guide his hand as he battles to defend everything that is good and righteous in this fallen world.