Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Commits Suicide by Jumping from Jenga Building

It’s shocking that everyone who lives in the Jenga building doesn’t jump.

You look at that building and you just want to die.

It’s a true abomination, like all modern architecture.

New York Post:

The chief financial officer of troubled Bed Bath & Beyond has been identified as the man who jumped to his death from the iconic new Tribeca skyscraper known as the “Jenga Building,” The Post has learned.

Gustavo Arnal, 52, who was also an executive vice president for the struggling home goods retailer, plunged from the 18th floor of 56 Leonard Street on Friday, police sources said.

The 60-story building is best known for its purposely misaligned apartments stacked atop each other, resembling the popular game “Jenga.”

Messages left with Bed Bath & Bed and Arnal’s family Saturday were not immediately returned.

On Aug. 16, Arnal sold 42,513 shares in company stock for a little over a $1 million, according to

Arnal joined Bed Bath & Beyond in 2020. He previously worked as chief financial officer for cosmetics giant Avon based out of London and had a 20-year career working overseas leading Procter & Gamble.

In 2021, he made more than $2.9 million via Bed Bath & Beyond, including $775,000 in salary and the rest in stock awards, according to

Bed Bath & Beyond has recently been facing turbulence.

Killing yourself because you can’t figure out a way to make Bed Bath & Beyond viable seems pretty extreme.

Ryan Cohen, the guy who did that GameStop pump and dump, also pumped and dumped BBB. So the goy kills himself in his stupid Jew tower.