Azov Begs to be Allowed to Flee to an Unspecified Third Nation

It is painfully obvious that whatever members of Azov are alive when this conflict is over are going to be transferred to various European countries in order to be used as a “white ISIS” terrorist group.

We saw the way the CIA trained ISIS in Syria then let them loose on Europe. Now there is really no use for Islamic terrorism in the West, so they want to build a “white supremacist terrorist” hoax.

Apparently, an unspecified third country is offering to help Azov flee Azovstal to set up shop somewhere else.


Ukrainian forces holed up at the Azovstal steel plant in the Black Sea port city of Mariupol have outlined their conditions to leave the besieged location.

Late on Wednesday, Svyatoslav Palamar, the deputy commander of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment, released a new video address, stating that the troops were ready to leave the plant with the support of an unspecified “third party.”The fighters want to keep their personal weapons, as well as to evacuate their wounded and fallen comrades. Palamar refused to surrender to Russian forces or troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), which are besieging the sprawling industrial facility.

Earlier in the day, a similar address was released by Sergey Volyna, the commander of Ukraine’s 36th marines brigade, which is holed up at the plant as well. There are some 500 wounded fighters at the facility, as well as “hundreds” of civilians, Volyna claimed.

“This is our appeal to the world, this may be our last appeal. We may have only a few days or hours left,” he said. “We are asking to apply an extradition procedure to us and take us to the territory of a third state.”

Russia should not take this deal.

These rats are all in tunnels under Azovstal.

There is a river which can easily be diverted to flood these tunnels and drown them all.

If there are actually women and children down in the tunnels with them as human shields – well, that’s collateral damage.

Russia is doing their best to get as many people out as possible. But Azov is still in the tunnels with hostages – allegedly.

They might not even have any hostages left. If they did have them, they probably already tortured them to death in satanic rituals to try and gain satanic power to defeat the Russians. This is their religion.

Azov is already responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians, and if they dragged human shields into the tunnels with them, they are responsible for those deaths as well.

What Russia should understand is if these Azov people are allowed to set up in Europe and run terrorist operations, that is going to be blamed on Russia.

And before “that is too crazy” – actually, it isn’t. When ISIS did terrorist attacks in Europe, the media blamed Assad. At various points both the US government and the media claimed that ISIS was working for Assad – even inside of Syria.

Truth is irrelevant, and what the West wants now is well-trained “neo-Nazi” terrorists that they can use in Europe, so it is better for everyone if as few members of Azov as possible survive this conflict.

Russia has already won, which is why Azov is trying to make an agreement to flee.

They should all be drowned like rats.

I’m Old Enough to Remember…

Do you remember when the Jewish media was claiming that these satanists were going to “win the war”?

I’m old enough to remember that.

Now they’re just begging not to be drowned like rats.

Many are surrendering.

Zelensky has ordered Azov to kill anyone who tries to surrender, and Azov has been doing that.

Here’s an alleged picture of Zelensky telling his Nazis to shoot anyone who tries to surrender in the back:

It’s safe to assume that they all would have surrendered by now if they didn’t have this hardcore group of satanists killing them when they try to leave.

This does not bode well for the rest of the Ukraine military, who are likely to surrender on a mass scale in the rest of the Donbass.

The Ukies are already trying to escape the cauldron.

When Azovstal falls – whether they surrender, are allowed to flee, or are drowned like rats – that is going to be a major morale blow to the rest of Lord Zelensky’s Anal Army.

Imagine invading a country with a 3-to-1 disadvantage and winning so decisively.

Whereas the Western governments and media claimed that “the Ukraine” was going to “win the war,” Russia’s victory is actually going to be one of the most impressive victories in military history – and the reverse of that is that the Ukraine’s loss will be one of the most humiliating in history.

They had a massive advantage, being the defending force with a military thrice the size, and somehow managed to lose in the most humiliating way possible, where their leaders are now begging for mercy.