Austria Makes It Easier for Faggots and Trannies to Donate Blood

Guess that’s settled 

I’ve always been against taking any form of donated blood.

Granted, I’ve never been dying on a hospital bed in need of a blood transfusion, so you can claim I don’t have any right to make a judgement and that is fair enough.

But do you really want the blood of homos in your veins? Personally, I would rather just die.


Austria has lifted a de facto ban on LGBT+ citizens donating blood, the health ministry announced on Friday.

Citizens will only be prevented from donating blood if they have had sex with three different partners within the last three months, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Previous laws had prevented anyone in Austria from donating blood if they had “risky sex” in the last 12 months. Transsexuals and non-binary citizens were completely banned from donating blood.

LGBT+ activists said the rules had allowed organisations to exclude gay, bisexual and transgender citizens due to the supposed risk of AIDS transmission.

“We are putting an end to discrimination from another age”, Green party Health Minister Johannes Rauch said in a statement.

Johannes Rauch

“If someone wants to help by donating, there is no reason why they should be prevented from doing so because of their sexual orientation or gender identity,”

It’s hilarious that these people are now acting like it was some kind of prejudice that the homos weren’t allowed to give blood. The fact is, these people have incredible amounts of diseases, due to their behavior. That isn’t a judgement, let alone a prejudice – it’s just a statement of fact.

I mean – what is the top news story right now, as I type this?

Is the New York Times a homophobic hate site now?

Deciding to let homos donate blood is just saying you don’t care about giving people diseases – the only thing you care about is the feelings of homos.

People die for feelings? No biggie. Check the Ukraine.