AT&T Says Racism is Exclusively White, Tells White Employees That They are “The Problem”

Remember this? Turns out, it was true. Everything that was sold as “anti-racist” has been revealed to be nothing more than anti-white hatred. They don’t even hide it anymore.

When I think of “problems in society,” the number one thing I think of is “middle class white people.”

They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.

New York Post:

AT&T offers employees training that calls racism a “uniquely white trait” — and tells white employees that they “are the problem,” according to a report based on leaked documents.

The telecommunications giant’s “Listen. Understand. Act” training is based on core principles of critical race theory, including “systemic racism,” “white privilege” and “white fragility,” according to City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

White people really are garbage.

Maybe they should just be exterminated?

All they’ve ever done was harm the great actions of the blacks, who built this country out of cotton. That comes after they were kings in Egypt and built the pyramids… out of cotton. 

Employees are encouraged to study resources, including one that asks, “White America, if you want to know who’s responsible for racism, look in the mirror,” Rufo said.

“White people, you are the problem,” the article reportedly tells employees of why the US is a “racist society.” 

“Regardless of how much you say you detest racism, you are the sole reason it has flourished for centuries,” author Dahleen Glanton writes, insisting that “American racism is a uniquely white trait” and that “Black people cannot be racist,” according to the report.

See what this is?

Even when you say you’re not a racist, and believe you’re not a racist, you’re still a racist.

“Racist” just means “white person.” It’s a slur for white people in the same way that “nigger” is a slur for black people.

That’s why I think “anti-white racism” is not really a very good term. It should just be “anti-white hatred,” instead of using the word “racist,” which as these people say, just means “white person.”

Employees are also encouraged to participate in a “21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challenge” that relies on the concepts of “whiteness,” “white privilege,” and “white supremacy,” Rufo said.

Employees should “do one action [per day for 21 days] to further [their] understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity,” the challenge says.

AT&T’s CEO, John Stankey, launched the program last year, telling staff they have an “obligation to engage on this issue of racial injustice,” Rufo said.

Rufo said he got the documents from a senior employee who told him that AT&T managers are now assessed annually on diversity issues.

White employees are “tacitly expected to confess their complicity in ‘white privilege’ and ‘systemic racism,’” and asked to sign a loyalty pledge to “keep pushing for change,” Rufo said the whistleblower told him.

If you don’t do it … you’re [considered] a racist,” the senior employee allegedly said.

They are asked to take a loyalty pledge against their own race.

Even if you’re not aware of anything else about the race issue, you have to acknowledge that “white” is an immutable characteristic. No one can change their race.

So what they are asking people to do is swear an oath against themselves. To swear that they are evil, that they were born evil, and that they are irredeemable.

The new line from the media and the rest of the Democrat machine is that schools are not actually teaching critical race theory. Basically, they said “we need to teach critical race theory,” then people found out what that was – just virulent anti-white hate – so they said “actually, this isn’t even critical race theory.”

I recently saw a clip on Tucker Carlson of Joy Reid saying that, now people are responding to Rufo saying that.

This whole “name change game” has been a staple of the left forever.

Remember “I never called it Obamacare”?

(If you don’t remember that, it’s when, after Obamacare was revealed to be a total disaster, the Democrats and Obama personally attempted to distance themselves from it, while still pushing the same thing.)

Basically, we’ve reached a point of “irreconcilable differences” with the blacks, and I don’t think anyone can deny that.

Joe Biden is talking now about giving half a million dollars to every illegal immigrant who was detained by Donald Trump’s administration.

I think we should give that money to the blacks to go back to Africa.

For less money than we pledge to Israel, we could give every black enough money to live very well among the kings of their homeworld.