Assad Talks About Zionist Jew Zelensky Running Neo-Nazi Gang, Says West has Zero Principles

Bashir al-Assad gave an awesome speech last week, which I would like to thank MEMRI TV for clipping and translating for me.

Speaking in an address in honor of Syrian Teachers’ Day on March 17, Assad explained that the United States Empire does not actually have any principles at all beyond its own material interests. He pointed to the fact that the Zionist Jew Vladimir Zelensky is supporting neo-Nazi group Azov against Russia.

He then mocks Jews for “crying over the Holocaust” while openly supporting neo-Nazis.

He also brings up communism, which is possibly even more relevant than the neo-Nazi thing.

The empire spent decades on end fighting communism all over the world; now the people who run the US government are openly promoting communist values. Various people who openly identify as communists, such as Antifa, Vaush, Hassan Piker, et al. are standing with the neo-Nazis of the Ukraine. At the same time, they are saying Vladimir Putin is attempting to reestablish the USSR, and using old Cold War propaganda aggressively.

This all just becomes ridiculous and absurd.

It fits into what I’ve always said about all ideologies being Jewish scams. Jews don’t follow any of these ideologies they promote, and will promote ideologies that are at least in word if not action, explicitly against them. ISIS, which was directly supported by American neocon Jews and Israel itself, was claiming they were going to slaughter the Jews. (Of course, the one time they accidentally attacked Jews, they called Israel to apologize.)

It shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that they are funding neo-Nazis. They will build absolutely any Fifth Column they are able to build. In China, they start “home churches,” which are explicitly ideologically anti-Chinese nationalism. Meanwhile, the same Jews that fund these “home churches” are claiming in America that Christianity is anti-Semitic hatred. Also meanwhile, regular churches that are not political movements are allowed to operate openly in China.

These people will just bury you in whatever garbage they can bury you in.

It’s a similar phenomenon with the use of “conservative” ideology. Most of the main people pushing conservative ideology are Jewish, whether they be the editors of the National Review or Ben Shapiro and his gang. This doctrine says, for example, that “people who choose to be trannies have that right,” and then starts whining about trannies destroying women’s sports.

This “ideology” thing replaced philosophy, which was the traditional foundation of “our values and who we are.” It should be noted that this entire doctrine of “ideologies” was created by the Jewish communist Karl Marx. If you don’t understand my statement “all ideologies are Marxism,” then you need to think about it more. Probably, as soon as someone tells you they are opposed to epistemology, you should begin to wonder what the hell their agenda is.

If instead of “conservatism,” Christian philosophy is the foundation of your moral identity, then “trannies should be allowed to go around in public” is not something you would ever agree to. You would be calling for these people to be either imprisoned or interned and treated in mental hospitals. That is because when you have a philosophy, you are not trapped to autistic rules such as “unlimited personal freedom” and are able to consider the actual real world outcome of doctrines and behaviors.

Meanwhile, the left was supposed to support “free speech” and be “anti-war.” You all see how that turned out. Ideology can constantly shift, and be used to justify anything. We have all seen people who identify as “communists” using “libertarian” ideology to justify censorship – “a private company can do anything to anyone.” These same people turn around and call for private businesses to be forcibly closed by the police because of “a pandemic.” Then, they’ll turn around and call for the police to be abolished.

As Assad says – the Empire simultaneously believes in everything and nothing. They will support or attack anything at any point, then pull out an ideological justification from a hat.

It’s the old cliched adage: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” You have to have some kind of grounded basis for your moral identity. Ideology does not provide this to humans, yet we are now to the point where everyone defines themselves by an ideology, which allows for unlimited everything and nothing.