As Russia Overwhelms “Ukraine,” Zelensky Focused on Trying to Legalize Anal Marriage

Jewish Aryan Nazi Leader Zelensky is so busy fighting the Russian orcs he doesn’t have time to put a shirt on. He does, however, have time to focus on legalizing anal marriage in his pure Aryan state.

The Ukraine is an Aryan State, defended by the Aryan Azov Battalion against Russian orcs.

When people do a word association game, the number one word associated with “Aryan” is “Jew occupation government.” The second is “anal.”


A petition calling on Volodymyr Zelensky to legalize gay marriage will be considered by the Ukrainian president after it attracted 25,000 signatures. While Ukrainian flags have been flown at pride parades throughout the Western world, gay marriage is extremely unpopular in Ukraine itself.

Filed in early June, the petition recently passed 25,000 signatures, a threshold that means Zelensky must respond. Referencing the current conflict in Ukraine, the petition reads “at this time, every day can be the last. Let people of the same sex get the opportunity to start a family and have an official document to prove it. They need the same rights as traditional couples.”

Zelensky’s stance on the issue is unclear. Despite positioning himself as a liberal during his 2019 election campaign and stating during his first press conference that he didn’t “want to say anything negative” about gay people, lawmakers from his party have tried to introduce bills criminalizing the “propaganda of homosexuality and transgenderism.”

Although Ukraine under Zelensky has been pursuing greater integration with the West, gay rights activists at home seem unhappy with the comedian-turned-president. For instance, while Zelensky signed a joint statement with US President Joe Biden last September promising to “fight…discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community,” activists in Kiev have demanded that he fire one of his top advisors, Alexey Arestovich, for calling them “deviant.”

Ukrainian colors have been hoisted at gay pride events throughout the West, with the Irish government even integrating the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag into the LGBT rainbow in an announcement welcoming gay Ukrainian refugees. Yet back in Ukraine, polling has found that between 9% and 24% of the public think two members of the same sex should be allowed marry.

What does it mean?

If less than a quarter support gay anal marriage, how do 100% support Jewish occupation and a pointless war with Christian Russia?

Are these people just like, that stupid?

Wait a minute, Mr. Postman – tape me to a post, Chaim.

I don’t even understand how to do irony or satire about the fact that:

  • The Ukraine military is run by a neo-Nazi gang
  • The Ukraine is the most Jewish government outside of Israel
  • The Jewish media in the West supports a neo-Nazi gang
  • Russia says that Nazis are usually Jewish
  • Ukrainians are willing to fight and die in the name of Jews, even though they are against man-on-man anal

This is all nonsense.

But are Americans really any better?

What about these conservatives going out there saying they love cops while the cops arrest old men for defending themselves against the blacks?

Here’s the thing: I live in a country with gay marriage. Given that, I would support invasion and occupation by literally any country that was against gay marriage.

I would support:

  • Russian invasion
  • Chinese invasion
  • Takeover by Mexican drug cartels

For me, this anal stuff is the bottom line – no pun intended.

There is no possible way you are going to get me to agree to the idea that any situation with gay marriage is better than any situation without gay marriage.

I would much rather live in North Korea, where people actually have freedom, and aren’t forced by the government to have anal sex with men.